Sombra and the Championship Wellness Chairman

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3308_Mighty Oak:dropcap_open:D:dropcap_close:r. Jeffrey E. Poplarski, a chiropractor with a practice in Amityville, NY, was the Wellness Team Chairman for the 2011 U.S. OPEN Golf Championships held this year at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dr. Poplarski recruited 108 volunteer health care professionals that came to the event to man the three wellness tents positioned throughout the grounds.  Massage therapists, physical therapists, and other Doctors of Chiropractic came from 13 different states to help with treatments for the players, caddies, and the thousands of volunteers of this year’s esteemed event.

As you can imagine, Dr. Poplarski and his Wellness Teams have become popular figures around the grounds, especially now since the teams have become so recognized.  Poplarski first brought a wellness team to the 2002 U.S. OPEN Championships at Bethpage, NY and he continues to be invited back.

The acceptance of the Wellness Team’s complementary and alternative approach to medicine remains a testament to the popularity of integrated, holistic care.  With the complement of the various CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) health professionals on the team, each individual during the event requiring assistance was able to have the treatment tailored to their specific health needs.  Even Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was offered  for those looking for new heights!

The repertoire of specific patient care that the team can provide is a primary reason they keep getting invited back, which is why Dr. Poplarski has already started his recruiting for the 2012 U.S. OPEN Championships at The Olympic Club in San Francisco.  He stated he would be flying out multiple times (NY to SF) to recruit local health practitioners, and for the state of California, he will be able to add Acupuncture to his wellness team.

As Chairman, Dr. Poplarski had a full schedule of tasks before and after the Championship began.  The construction of the wellness team remains the main endeavor and started well in advance. This year’s event had about 70% of the health practitioners recruited from the home state of Maryland, which he has done since the beginning of his tenure for the Open Championships that changes sites every year.

Jeffrey also oversees the supplies of the wellness tents and what goes into the Healthcare Providers gift bags, the Player Spouse gift bags, and the all-important Caddies gift bags.  Because of the respect Dr. Poplarski and his Wellness Teams have gained over the years, these gift bags have become a valued prize.  “I have become a walking billboard”, the Doctor expressed to me when mentioning the number of healthcare providers receiving the bags.

When approached by the practice of Dr. Jeffrey Edward Poplarski, Sombra was thrilled to be part of such a great and historic event.  We have been involved in the complementary and alternative health markets of today for over two decades now and we are greatly honored to have the Sombra Natural Pain Relieving Gels brought to the Congressional Country Club for such a memorable event.  Congratulations Rory Mcliroy for your first major championship!  And thank you Dr. Poplarski for all your support.


Jeff Baskett is the Global Marketing Manager for Sombra Professional Therapy Products and has been in that position for over 7 years now.  He is an avid multi-sport athlete, including golf, and understands the value of complementary and alternative medicine for all his therapeutic needs.  Jeff can be contacted through Sombra at [email protected].



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