Starting at the Top: Getting Your Head Space Right

There are lots of ways to succeed in a chiropractic practice. As they say, there is “more than one way to skin a cat.” Family practices, high volume practices, wellness practices, sports performance, DC/PT practices—any of them can be highly successful.

But, in all my dealings with hundreds and hundreds of chiropractors, there is one area that must be straight or the practice is doomed to be a stress-filled, difficult practice: having your head on straight.

It never fails. If a doctor is not focused on the right things, performing with purpose and with intention, the practice will struggle. It is a cumulative effect. Without a focus on your purpose and intention, you can find yourself in a downward spiral, catch-22 cycle. But here is the good news: you can break out of it!

You can make the decision—today—to make the changes you need in order to truly pursue and discover how you can really achieve your full potential. (NOTE: This isn’t a “rah, rah” message, like the kind of thing you get at a seminar and then lose your enthusiasm a week later.)

Your full potential is limitless if you get “on purpose.” Take yourself back to what made you want to become a chiropractor in the first place: you wanted to heal people and make a difference. That was your goal. Take yourself back there. If you get re-focused and get back to being “on purpose,” then it’s the start of everything falling into order.

Warning signs you are off track

Here are some responses I get from doctors that illustrate that they have fallen off the path. I know they are not on purpose when I hear them say:

“I just need more new patients.” Maybe. And there are definite steps to address that area. But don’t assume that is all you need to address. Getting new patients to walk through your door is only one third of your critical area. If you are messing up one or two of the other areas, no amount of “new patients” will make your practice run smoothly or successful.

“I’ve just got to get more money in the door.” Perhaps. But making that your focus instead of being “on purpose” will prevent the very thing you need (i.e., more money).

“Today’s conditions (insurance, etc.) make it impossible to thrive as a chiropractor these days.” There are new challenges, granted. But there are thousands of chiropractic practices thriving today, operating in the very same conditions you are.

“My location prevents me from succeeding. I don’t have money to advertise. I’m not going to ‘sell’ anyone on anything. I am not a salesman. I have too much debt. No one wants chiropractic care….”

No, no, no, no, and no. Those are all excuses. Each and every one of those trap doors is no real reason for not thriving. If you get “on purpose” and back it up with goals, systems and keep stats, you can laugh at all the above excuses.

Start somewhere and go from there.

What are you good at? Anything? I am sure you are proud of an aspect of your practice. Good. Now, focus on that. We are what we think. There is no escaping it. Clear your mind of all stress. You have a purpose. Seek it. Decide you will achieve it.

See those areas that speak most powerfully to your heart. Find the top three things you need to improve; conquer those and then seek the next three things to address.

Been there, done that?

If you think you are beyond momentous growth at this point, YOU ARE WRONG. I’ve witnessed doctors who were burnt out for years apply proven techniques and systems and their practices became vibrant. “Stalled” practices can revitalize and become “on purpose,” cash-strong, pre-pay active, high-energy practices. We’ve seen this countless times.

Getting started

On to specifics: set goals. Start anywhere. For instance, set a goal to give a sincere compliment to every person who comes through your door. But actually set the goal. Don’t just say, “I’ll do the best I can.”

“Step one, two, three, four.”

You need movement. “Paralysis by analysis” can stunt all advancement. MOVE. If your practice is not where you want it, then you must do something different than you have been doing. Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Once you get some momentum going, keep it accelerating. End excuses. I can find chiropractors who had it bad but overcame worse situations than yours to excel—ONCE they got “on purpose” and applied proven systems to their practices.

Obstacles are just part of the process

As you build momentum and seek positive changes and expect obstacles. Just welcome them. They will be there. It’s part of the process. If you aren’t bumping into obstacles, you aren’t trying hard enough. Don’t hyper focus on them; just keep moving forward. Enjoy the ride. Obstacles are nothing to stress over. They are just part of the journey. You know how to avoid obstacles? Never get out of bed. Does that sound like a good plan? You will make mistakes. Learn from them. But do not fear them. We are what we think.

Dr. Brent J. Detelich, as a second-generation chiropractor, was raised with the practice and principles of chiropractic. He attended Parker College and graduated at the top of his class. He built his first practice to more than 500 patient visits per week and then opened five additional clinics, totaling 2000 patient visits per week in all.

He has delivered hundreds of seminars and in-office consultations to help chiropractors and their businesses. Dr. Detelich’s purpose is to make chiropractic the nation’s primary healthcare choice. He has dedicated his life to his purpose of making holistic medicine the nation’s number one wellness delivery system and works diligently to forward this goal. Call 800-908-8895 or visit or email [email protected].

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