Strategic Nutritional Marketing for the Chiropractic Office: “It’s A Natural”


Who else but Chiropractic Physicians should be discussing nutrition with their patients? There are more people in agreement with nutrition and health than with chiropractic care. So, as chiropractors, we should link this common bridge and “span the gap” with the general public by offering nutrition in our offices.

We live in a society that is literally poisoned through our food and through our environment. We all know that these poisons lead to cancer, heart disease, and other pathologies, which are then treated with drugs and surgery. How barbaric?

The public is starting to wake up to this whole idea of nutrition, despite the drug commercials and the propaganda. Even well known reality TV shows like The Biggest Loser show how the right diet and exercise has increased the health and dismissed sickness and disease from several contestants. But, what about real life? What choices do the people in OUR community have? Who do they go to for their nutritional advice? Do they go to the medical profession? Pharmaceutical companies? The local health club? Nutrition store? Or, how about their LOCAL CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN?

Let me tell you why we would be the best option. We understand how the body functions and how nutrition works within our bodies. We acknowledge the importance of nutrition when healing the body. It is not only necessary that we use nutrition in our practice, but that we take responsibility and are obligated to educate the public about the causes of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and all of the other pathologies that are crippling America.

Strategy is defined as a “plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.” Let’s focus on a few “Strategies….”


Strategy One

Be the role model. “Be and look healthier than your healthiest patient.” There’s a leadership law that states that a level 4 leader can only lead levels 3, 2 and 1, but not levels 5, 6, 7, etc. The higher levels will never follow the lower levels. If you want to double the number of people you lead, increase your level as a leader to 8, 9, or 10. Albert Schweitzer summed it up this way: “Example is leadership…. Example is not the main thing in influencing others…. It is the only thing.” As chiropractors, we need to practice what we preach and, if we are going to “preach” health and nutrition, we need to be and look healthy.


Strategy Two

Pick a nutritional protocol that compliments your treatment style. Today, there are many diverse practices from high to low volume, rehabilitative, pediatric, geriatric, etc. Find a nutritional protocol that compliments your treatment style and is an easy fit in your office. The last thing you want is disruption and extra added expenses. On the other hand, let’s not minimize the use of nutrition the way a housewife uses a cookbook. “Cook book nutrition” means that you give your patients this supplement for this symptom. Sounds like the way the medical profession dispenses drugs doesn’t it?

Nutrition is not that simple; however, nutrition is not complicated, if you understand the basics. In my 30 years of study there are a handful of principles which, if followed, yield 90% of your results. Just the way you need a strategy when treating a low back case, you must offer them a strategy when treating them from a nutritional perspective. There are many nutritional programs in our profession to choose from and, of course, I am partial to one in particular.


Strategy Three

Educate! With all the misinformation, deceptions, and old wives tails confusing an already confused public, it is up to our profession to step up to the plate and take the number one position as the leading cutting edge profession that it deserves to be. We need to start treating health and disease the way it should be treated, with chiropractic care and nutrition. Right now our nation is trying to pass a health (sickness) care reform bill. If nothing is done in the field of wellness care, it can only lead to a “dismal failure” due to the way medicine treats disease. This all starts with you!

Doctor means teacher. It does not matter if you educate your patients one by one or in groups, just educate them. Use pamphlets, charts, articles, power point presentations, etc., to make it real to the patient. Think of some hot nutritional topics to present to the public such as:

1. How to eat more and lose weight;

2. Nutrition pure and simple;

3. A natural approach to hormone replacement therapy;

4. Fatigue, the great thief of time;

5. The truth about cholesterol;

6. Childhood obesity, “simple changes in diet can make the difference.”


Be a role model and let your presence command attention from the world!

Dr.-James-Cima-D.CDr. Cima has been in private practice for 32 yrs. He has written many books for the profession on Biochemical Blood Chemistry and Nutritional Analysis, which now includes a web based application. If you would like to learn more about it, visit He can be reached at [email protected] or 1-877-627-2770

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