Structural Elements® Announces Strategic Network Growth Model to Support Franchise Growth Plan

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.23.01 AMHolistic Orthopedic Wellness Brand Develops Plan with Multiple Paths to Ignite Growth Coast to Coast

HAGERSTOWN, Md. – Structural Elements®, also referred to as (se) ®, an orthopedic wellness brand that provides the highest standard of care through a contemporary business model and a proprietary treatment approach, announced today a Network Growth Model strategically designed to create opportunities for individuals interested in clinic ownership or therapy practice to join the (se)® franchise system.

(se)® refers to the proprietary approach founder and CEO Doug Bertram developed as an acupuncturist. Operating on the fundamental belief that the body is a single unit, Bertram developed a mapping technique locating patterns of focal adhesions in response to mechanical stress.

Committed to bringing this treatment to more communities, the Network Growth Model, which offers four paths, supports the growth and development of independent but interconnected specialists and investors to deliver a high impact patient experience and high growth financial opportunity. The four paths include:

  • Regional Developer (RD): The RD will develop, own and operate multiple clinics within their respective territory. Each of these clinics is under agreement with a Clinic Franchisee who owns and operates a physical clinic.
  • Clinic Franchise (CF): The CF will establish, own and operate a physical, franchised clinic within a RD’s territory. CF owners offer treatment rooms and administrative services to Micro Franchisees.
  • Micro Franchisee (MF): The MF, a licensed therapist who can be a chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, osteopath physician or a massage therapist and has also been trained in the (se)® method, will provide services to patients.
  • Area Representative (AR): The AR, also known as the Master Therapist, is a Micro Franchisee that is responsible for sourcing and training other Micro Franchisees in the (se)® methods and maintaining quality standards within an entire region.

“The roll out of the new Network Growth Model is a major turning point for us,” said Bertram. “The model will allow us to bring this approach to more communities throughout the United States as we have made more paths to ownership available depending on whether the interested individual is an investor or a practicing therapist. An easy way to think of it is as a co-working space – Therapists will solely be focused on providing care and will operate their own practice out of the clinic allowing for the clinic owner to strictly manage clinic operations.”

Structural Elements® currently has three clinics open and operating (Hagerstown and Frederick, Maryland and Milwaukee, Wisconsin). The Milwaukee clinic, which is owned by Area Representative Luke Laga, welcomed in three Micro Franchisees in the last four weeks and Hagerstown and Frederick are in the process of onboarding multiple micro franchisees as well.

“The Network Growth Model offers each path a unique set of benefits,” added Bertram. “Whether it’s Micro Franchisees who reap the benefit of having a modern space to practice in at a price point that is reasonable or the Clinic Franchisee who has little overhead thanks to our pipeline of therapists ready to practice, this new model sets us apart and will allow us to grow in target markets throughout the country while helping more people achieve their personal best through our comprehensive approach.”

Structural Elements® operates on a cash-based model, as this approach does not limit therapists to treating just the site of acute pain, but rather treat the whole patient.

If you are interested in learning more about the Structural Elements® Network Growth Model, please visit:

About Structural Elements®:

Structural Elements® is an orthopedic wellness clinic that strives to provide the highest standard of care through a contemporary business model and a proprietary treatment approach. The approach was discovered in 1995 by Structural Elements®’ Founder Doug Bertram. He operated his own practice until opening the first official Structural Elements® clinic in Hagerstown, Maryland in 2013. Structural Elements® opened the first franchise location in 2015, and is committed to igniting brand growth via the franchising model throughout the country, with a strong emphasis on the southeast. To learn more about Structural Elements® visit

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