Take Responsibility for Your Life


breakthroughlivingbookThink for a minute. When your relationship with your significant other hits a rocky patch, do you say he or she’s to blame? If you have a bad day at work, is it because you have a “lousy boss” or your co-workers are “slackers?” If everything that happens in your life is someone else’s fault, you may be caught in the blame game.

We live in the blame generation. When something goes wrong, everyone looks for someone to blame. We’ve become so adept, as a society, at blaming others that it’s rare when someone stands up and takes personal responsibility for their actions. It’s much easier to hide behind blaming parents, teachers, preachers, and leaders than it is to accept the responsibility that comes with living your full potential. You were born with unlimited potential to benefit the world by fulfilling your purpose. You, alone, are responsible for making sure that your potential is realized and that you live up to your full capacity. Take responsibility for your life so that you can be all that you can become. When you are blaming others instead of assuming your responsibilities, you cannot make a meaningful and enduring contribution to the world.

Take responsibility for creating your future. And be an example to others while you’re at it. How you live your life from day to day predicts a lot about your future. Oprah Winfrey puts it this way: “My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

The quality of your future depends on what you do with your life today. The decisions you make today impact the future that you will live tomorrow.  What do you do that contributes positively to your future and the future of others? Instead of wagging the finger of blame at your parents or the people around you for being a poor influence on your life, focus on how you can set a good example for the rest of the world.

This article is excerpted from Breakthrough Living, A Journey of Hope & Healing, a new book by Dr. Mark Sanna. Telephone 1-800-723-8423 to purchase your copy and to learn more about Breakthrough Coaching.

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