Taking an Alternative Approach to Conventional Treatment

As chiropractors, we’re already well-versed in the human body’s remarkable self-healing power and the pinnacle role of the spine and nervous system in the body’s overall health and proper functioning. We’ve educated our patients about proper spine maintenance and how we can help them improve the operation and nerve flow that supports their health. Although the majority of our patients may be coming to see us to simply reduce immediate back and neck pain or headaches, many may not realize that chiropractic treatments can provide support for a wide range of problems that can help them realign their bodies and also help them start cleaning out their medicine cabinets.

In the nature of our work, we have before us a great platform on which to incorporate alternative approaches to the use of prescription drugs in our treatment regimens and patient counseling. The ability to reduce or even eliminate the need for prescription drugs provides our patients with a two-fold benefit: less stress on their pocketbook, and less stress on their physical system. Even in cases where we cannot fully eliminate their need for medication, there may be valuable space available to provide treatments that support their body’s ability to fully benefit from those needed prescriptions.

In our effort to decrease our patients’ dependence on conventional and often invasive methods, it’s providing a certifiable result that is the key to creating a successful bond between our patients and alternative treatments. Using accurate documentation and employing effective software tools facilitates your ability to create successful treatment plans and track results effectively. Software that applies interconnectivity within your office helps to ensure the transfer of next steps to your front desk staff in real-time, so that your patients remain invested in their alternative care and aligned on the road to health before they step back outside your office doors. By tracking the different health conditions and treatment plans experienced by your patients, you can obtain a broader view of the support and treatment that is best received and, thus, start formulating effective game plans going forward.

Whether a patient buys supplements and seeks additional care from your office or not, dietary changes, massage, and other health management methods should be mindfully tracked and included in your patient’s journey to better health. Track improvements with outcome assessments and keep up-to-date notes so that you can discuss any improvements or concerns at each upcoming treatment session. Employ a system of automated alerts to remind you to discuss ongoing treatment options with your patients on a periodic basis. Accurate management of alternative treatment plans can help harness the body’s natural healing ability and record your patient’s response to alternative treatments. Over time, as patients see previously undiscovered health improvements under your hands that reduce their dependency on conventional drugs and maintenance, these results will continue to enforce the bond between chiropractor and patient.

We represent a large and unified alternative to prescription medications, costly injections, and invasive surgery. As we work to educate our patients on how our treatments, paired with dietary assessments and supplements, can help improve their overall health, we’re reaching beyond the singular relationship we have with each of our patients. We’re developing an alliance for a healthier, more natural future…redesigning the perception of treatments, and redefining our true alternatives. If we are mindful and accurate in tracking the way our alternative treatments are being received, and we help our patients fully realize the benefits they’re experiencing under our care by providing solid, visible proof, we can begin to enhance what our patients take away from our treatment plans and send them along (and ourselves) with a better understanding of the value of our services.

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