The Law of Cause and Effect


breakthroughlivingbookThe Law of Cause and Effect states that everything happens for a reason. Every moment of activity or inactivity produces consequences. The conscious and unconscious choices you make cause corresponding effects in your life. The Law works the same for everyone, at all times.

Distilled down to its simplest terms, the Law of Cause and Effect says that every outcome or effect in your life has a specific cause. Poor dietary and exercise habits result in poor health. Constant, uncontrolled spending results in debt and financial worries. Putting insufficient time and effort into your relationships results in poor relationships. The Law applies equally to the physical universe. Sir Isaac Newton’s third Law of Motion states: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” If you place your hand over a candle—the cause—you will get burned—the effect. It would hurt, too!

Consider a more practical example. Imagine that a new product or service at work has become so popular that demand is outpacing supply—a nice cause! However, suppose your customer service deteriorates as you and your co-workers attempt to cope with the situation—the first effect. Then employees begin to complain and morale suffers—the second effect. Finally, production doesn’t keep pace with demand and you lose customers who begin searching elsewhere for a similar product—the final effect.

Once you know the possible causes  and effects of your situation, you are ready to make a choice. In the example above, you could decide not to change anything and muddle through the situation—a decision too many people make! The effect could well be dissatisfied and lost employees and customers.

On the other hand, you could add more people to the production team or reduce your advertising until you have stockpiled enough to meet demand. The decision you choose to make becomes the cause of the next set of effects. But this time, you are in control of the cause!

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