The Zen of Dr. Zinberg

One of the top female wellness executives and consultants in America, Dr. Zinberg was an entrepreneur and private practitioner prior to joining The Masters Circle in 2000.  She also serves as the company’s director of its Chiropractic Assistant (CA) certification program and now leads day-to-day operations, overseeing coaches, seminars, and product development.

Elisa Zinberg exemplifies the spirit and dedication of The Masters Circle to empower chiropractors, wellness professionals and their assistants in creating the practice and lifestyle of their dreams. She is a true asset to the profession, widely recognized as one of the finest minds today in wellness initiatives, and admired for her ability to connect on a very personal basis with audiences as well as business colleagues.  

Complementing her position as COO, Dr. Zinberg is also a scheduled seminar speaker for The Masters Circle, who addresses a variety of cutting edge topics that are germane to professionals.  Known for her style, energy and wit, she communicates valuable information and is often sought after for speaking engagements before distinguished wellness organizations nationwide, as well as presentations for leading financial and management colloquium.

Previously, Dr. Zinberg ran a large volume, subluxation-based, cash-only practice in Manhattan for eleven years. A career at The Masters Circle enables her to assist colleagues in achieving their practice goals. This new role allows for targeted input into shaping programs and services to be of even greater value to The Masters Circle members and the profession.

Dr. Zinberg earned her undergraduate degree from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College.  She is licensed in Florida and New York, and is nationally board certified.

TAC: What inspired you to become a chiropractor? Do you have a specific story?
Zinberg: From the time that I was a teenager, I always knew that I wanted to go into healthcare and become a professional that serve the needs of individuals.  My oldest brother, Scott, is a chiropractor, and he was certainly an inspiration. My father was an optometrist, and always encouraged me to help people.  His guidance and example stirred my interest in becoming a health care professional.  

Early on, I was an athlete and always enjoyed the excitement of healthy competition.  While at college, I participated in basketball and softball, but suffered an athletic injury.  Thanks to chiropractic care, I made a great comeback and was able to enjoy these sports once again.

When I entered the profession, women were clearly in the minority, but there seemed to be no other barriers.  Nothing could hold me back from making my dreams come true.  
It is the philosophy of chiropractic that has always made perfect sense to me.  The ability of the body to heal itself as a result of its innate intelligence has resonated throughout the years, and this perception continues to drive my dedication to the profession.

TAC: Please tell us more in depth about the services and products The Masters Circle offers chiropractors and how or why those products are offered.
The Masters Circle, the largest consulting firm for licensed wellness professionals, is a highly specialized and unique leadership training and practice building organization. Its mission is to help as many doctors as possible to build the practice of their dreams and the best lifestyle they can imagine.

The Masters Circle offers a comprehensive total support program that features a persona-lized hands-on approach, utilizing a high-tech educational model that creates faster and better results. Its well-balanced, modern approach covers all aspects of personal growth, as well as every action step members will need to build their practices to the desired level.

I believe in the precepts of The Masters Circle, its proven model for helping chiropractors achieve success at every level, and its positive impact upon the profession.  I am a living example of its values and credit the personalized coaching platform for my ongoing achievements.  

Other products and services offered:

•    Seminars
•    Chiropractic coaching and consulting
•    Doctor and Chiropactic Assistant empowerment products
•    Patient education products
•    Procedural products
•    Books designed to inspire success in chiropractors

TAC: What kind of hurdles did you have to overcome as a result of being a female in a male dominated profession?

I was the first female coach hired by The Masters Circle and we now have four female coaches.  It appears that females have a keen understanding of work/life balance, a goal that we emphasize during coaching.  Women also have compassion, an ability to communicate “tough love.”  They have a heightened sensitivity to personal and individual concerns, and are able to relate to both men and women.

TAC: What are your specialties and can you tell us some more about them?
Zinberg: When I was in practice, I ran a cash, subluxation-based wellness practice in midtown Manhattan. I enjoyed a very eclectic following that ranged from administrative assistants to families, theatre personalities and CEO’s of large companies…and everybody in between.  This diversity allowed me to develop my own personal style and methodologies for addressing a wide range of patient challenges.

Because I was a member of The Masters Circle before I even started my practice, I participated in coaching and consulting before I ever opened the doors to my office.  As a result, I did not have to re-invent the wheel and simply followed the directions of my coach.  Frankly, I was afraid not to do so.  

The result of this dedication was that success came early on in the life of my practice. I was truly blessed—able to pay my bills within the first three months and able to begin saving money within the first six months.  I followed the advice of my coaches, and it paid off.

My pursuit came to an abrupt ending with a biking accident that forced me to leave active practice.  Thankfully, I was asked to join The Masters Circle as a Coach.  It has been “easy riding” since then.

My work at The Masters Circle has been very gratifying, allowing me to weave all these experiences together so that I can help other professionals.  For example, prior to my career as an active professional, I was a Chiropractic Assistant.  I know what it is like to be a CA and have been in their shoes.  

This familiarity paved the way for my professional work, and gave me the impetus to create the CA Certification program at The Masters Circle.  Today, I am thrilled to help professionals address one of the most significant challenges of practice:   recruiting, training and retaining a CA who can effectively attract new patients to the practice.  The CA program is highly valued among our members, and I am appreciative of this opportunity to assist my colleagues.

TAC: Which techniques did you use and why?

Zinberg: Throughout my career, I used whatever techniques would benefit the patient—primarily diversified, SOT, some Applied Kinesiology, and some Activator technique.  Whatever worked for the individual also worked for me.

TAC: What type(s) of diagnostic testing procedures did you use and why?
Zinberg: Over the years, I relied upon X-rays and found them to be a great tool for educating the patient.  Today, I would use the Insight Millenium Substation from Chiropractic Leadership Alliance as the optimal way to educate patients about subluxation.

TAC: Are you still seeing patients or do you plan on doing so again?
Zinberg: The answer is no and no.  I am working full time at The Masters Circle, and I love what I do.

TAC: What are your goals for the chiropractic profession?
Zinberg: I envision worldwide recognition of the profession as primary health care providers and the first choice for consumers.  I anticipate greater unity within the profession and a solidified initiative to become the wellness providers of choice.

TAC: What is the most common problem you see among chiropractors today?  
There is a lack of confidence and poor self-esteem among chiropractors.  We need a stronger chiropractic philosophy and collective dedication to build a more robust public perception of our profession.  The good news is that these deficits are easily overcome through an identity-based coaching model and enhanced initiatives that focus upon our role as wellness professionals.

TAC: What is the biggest challenge to the chiropractic profession today?

Zinberg: The most compelling challenge is that chiropractors must overcome their collective perception of personal worth and the value of chiropractic.

TAC: What single piece of advice would you give a chiropractor just starting out, or one that is in the process of building a practice?  
Zinberg: Hire a coach.  That one step can carve the way for personal fulfillment and professional success.  Personalized coaching not only worked for me but has also been the key to success for thousands of chiropractors.  

TAC: Any final words for our readers?
Every person, every chiropractor should have a purpose.  Live your life purposefully and with direction.  Only you hold the master key of life.

You may contact Dr. Elisa Zinberg at [email protected].

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