Top Selling Nutritional Supplements

You’ll find the Top Selling Nutritional Supplements from the chiropractic profession’s most respected nutrition companies featured right here! We asked all the nutrition companies to tell us what products they sell the most of to chiropractors and here’s what we got!

By Douglas Labs

Best Multivitamin in the Chiropractic Marketplace
In a recent independent comparison of over 500 products published in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, Douglas Laboratories’ Ultra Preventive® X (ten) was ranked as the best multivitamin available in the chiropractic market.  This concentrated multivitamin and mineral supplement now includes the recommended daily amounts of lutein and lycopene, as well as zeaxanthin and natural beta-carotene in a blend of selected extracts of 25 fruits, vegetables and herbs to support a complete range of health conditions. or call 1-888-DOUGLAB.

Back, Neck, Muscle & Joint Injuries Relief™
By King Bio Homeopathics™

King Bio Homeopathics offers specific, all-natural products to dynamically address the top problems on the planet with no side-effects or negative drug interactions.  Best sellers include:  Back, Neck, Muscle & Joint Injuries Relief™,  Allergies & Hay Fever™,  Sinus Relief™,  Appetite & Weight Control™, Colds & Flu™, HGH Anti-Aging™.  or call 1-800-543-3245.

DONA, Glucosamine Sulfate
By Rotta Pharmaceuticals
DONA is the Original Glucosamine Sulfate that has been proven as a safe and effective treatment in over 150 pre-clinical and clinical trials.  DONA Crystalline Glucosamine Sulfate promotes cartilage metabolism, protects joint structure, and supports joint mobility.  Call 1-800-214-9600 or visit

Complete Life
By BioSan Labs

Complete Life, a superior professional multi-vitamin, provides 41 food and botanical extracts rich in protective compounds, essential nutrients and enzymes to promote optimal health.  Food compounds have been directly linked in preventing the onset of numerous health conditions. or call 1-800-634-6342.

Back, Neck, Muscle & Joint Injuries Relief™
By King Bio Homeopathics™

King Bio Homeopathics offers specific, all-natural products to dynamically address the top problems on the planet with no side-effects or negative drug interactions.  Best sellers include:  Back, Neck, Muscle & Joint Injuries Relief™,  Allergies & Hay Fever™,  Sinus Relief™,  Appetite & Weight Control™, Colds & Flu™, HGH Anti-Aging™  or call 1-800-543-3245.

By Daniel Chapter One

MICRO CAL plus is a whole bone food.  Contains all the essential minerals needed by the human skeleton in a base of Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite.  Used to prevent osteoporosis and for healthy teeth and nails. Also balances pH of the body, which may prevent stone formation. or call 1-888-862-0566.

DSF FormulaTM
By Nutri-West

Nutri-West’s DSF Formula™ is a perfect supplement to be chosen in stressful times!  Glandulars, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phyto-chemicals synergistically work together to support the various energy-producing systems of the body.  DSF is an adaptive product used to support the adrenal, digestive and immune systems. or call 1-800-443-3333.

Power For Joints Emer’gen-C
By Alacer Corp.

Our best selling product to the chiropractic community is our effervescent Vitamin C drink mix, “Power For Joints Emer’gen-C” with Glucosamine and Chondroitin for optimal joint health.  Each packet of natural tangerine flavored powder contains 500 mg Glucosamine, 400 mg of Chondroitin, 1000 mg of nonacidic mineral ascorbate Vitamin C, and B Vitamins for an energy boost! 
[email protected] or call l-800-854-0249, ext 103.

SP Cleanse® & SP Complete™
are part of Standard Process´s Purification Programs
The Standard Process Purification Programs offer patients the benefits of purification and weight management.  Patients choose between two 21-day purification programs that incorporate the following Standard Process products: SP Cleanse®, SP Complete™, Gastro-Fiber®, and SP Green Food™.  Contact Standard Process at 1-800-558-8740 for a Purification Literature Packet (L1875).

Joint Support Formula™
 By Anabolic Labs

Anabolic Labs’ Joint Support Formula™ is a three part combination supplement consisting of the base molecule for cartilage and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, bromelain and botanical ingredients to assist in promoting healthy soft tissue and fluid balance. The formula includes vitamins and minerals crucial to collagen repair and soft tissue flexibility. or call 800-445-6849.

Adrenal Complex by Professional Formulas
Professional Formula’s Adrenal Complex features targeted vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other natural factors blended synergistically in combination with pure, freeze-dried (lyophilized) New Zealand tissue concentrates.  We use only New Zealand bovine glands for their purity and activity and there are no antibiotics, hormones or pesticides used. or call 1-800-952-2219.

By Da Vinci Laboratories
A dietary supplement to support muscle and immune system functions, proper mood balance, and stress management.*  Fibro-My-DMG™ is an advanced nutritional supplement that combines N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG), Malic Acid, GABA, NADH, and Magnesium Malate.  These nutrients work synergistically to support proper mood balance, help cope with stress, reduce muscle aches and support immune system function.*  Fibro-My-DMG™ is designed for individuals experiencing constant muscle ache and stiffness, fatigue and sleeping problems.* or call 1-800-325-1776
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

By Whole-istic Solutions
Whole-istic “Digestive” Solutions is a complete array of pure plant enzymes, stabilized probiotics, chelated minerals and whole food nutrients in vegetarian capsules, and provides the best solution to the many problems associated with poor digestion (heartburn, gas, bloating, food allergies, etc.).  “Digestive” was formulated by doctors in practice, Rob Parker, DC, BS, and Joel Robbins, DC, MD, ND, as were Whole-istic Solutions’ complete line of nutritional supplements. or call 1-866-814-7673 toll free.

Multi-Nutra Food Plus
By Quantum Energy
With longer work hours, rush hour traffic, and business trips, you don’t always have the time to eat right.  Multi-Nutra Food Plus ends this problem by giving you one organic supplement with hundreds of the most popular research-proven nutrients and antioxidants.  Just 3 capsules, twice daily, will give you the most exceptional nourishment and nutritional value. or call 845-340-8605.

Platinum Plus
Essential Amino Acids
By Super Nutrient Co.
Protein Digestion Enzyme Activation.This  formulation helps provide amino acids in crystalline form (free) with additional sulfur and creatine in case of an inadequate diet. Contains no fillers or preservatives. Hypo-allergenic. or 803-644-0607.

By Biotics Research Corp.
ADP supplies a standardized extract of oregano, which is micro-emulsified to dramatically increase its surface area, and delivered in a sustained release dosage form. Proven effective for candida and other fungal/yeast problems, ADP has been clinically studied and has been awarded a patent for the eradication of parasites and amoebas in humans. or call 1-800-231-5777.

By Enzyme Formulations
For maximum performance and results, IvD® is formulated with specific plant enzymes to ensure delivery of the herbs high in protein and synergistic vitamins and minerals needed to support the intervertebral disk system.  Call 1-800-614-4400 today for our new product catalog!

Optimal Acute
By Optimal Health Systems

Optimal Acute, is the MOST POWERFUL, Non-Animal Based, Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Reduction Formula!  Studies show that the Acute formula is the most effective anti-inflammatory available and is 3 times faster at healing damaged tissue. or call 1-800-454-1583.

Essential pH Liquid Enhancer
pH Plus Liquid Enhancer is an economical, effective body alkalizer and hydrator. It makes water wetter while providing sodium and silica resources for the body. This modified sodium silicate requires only one or two drops per eight ounces of liquid and is a rich source of available electrons. Call 800-964-4303 or online at

Flax Seed Oil
By Biotics Research Corp.
Flax Seed Oil, from Biotics Research, provides high quality essential fatty acids (EFA’s) from organically grown flax seed, which is cold pressed to preserve maximum nutritional benefits.  EFA’s are necessary for maintaining membrane integrity, and for the regulation of most physiologic functions including inflammation and pain, and may help balance joint health as well. or call 1-800-231-5777.

Cartilage Companion®+
By PhysioLogics
This product contains the three top supplements for joints plus essential and nonessential omega fatty acids.  Glucosamine and Chondroitin work together to promote chondrocytes, lubricate joints and promote cartilage and joint health.  MSM provides the raw material, sulfur.  In addition, scientific evidence suggests that some omega fatty acids can help with the body’s immune response.*  Call 1-800-765-6775.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

By A.C. Grace

UNIQUE E® vitamin E provides the highest biological activity of a CONCENTRATE formula combined with the SYNERGISTIC ACTIVITY of the natural four part COMPLEX.  This concentrate formula (no fillers, oils, colors, or additives) provides HIGH anti-thrombic (internal clot prevention) and HIGH anti-oxidant protection (42% Gamma per capsule) to neutralize harmful free radicals and inhibiting perioxynitrite which is very damaging to cells.  When dealing with TOXIC-STRESS, Chiropractors know UNIQUE E® is essential to protecting and restoring “health” at the cellular level. or call 1-800-833-4368 (orders only); 1-903-636-4368 (customer service).

Digestive, Protease, & ProDophilous
By Enzyme Research
Enzyme Research®, plant enzyme fortifiers:
• are necessary when the enzymes in food become inactive due to cooking and processing;
• are effective in a wide pH range, unlike enzymes from animal sources;
• are a co-enzyme for every vitamin and mineral to enhance absorption.
For information call 1-888-635-4413

By Metagenics
UltraMeal® products offers advanced nutritional support for a healthy body composition (fat-to-lean mass ratio). Features original soy-based UltraMeal medical food, UltraMeal® Plus (healthy cholesterol support), UltraMeal® RICE, and UltraMeal® WHEY—all in powdered beverage form. UltraMeal® Bars offer a ready-to-eat option. or call 1-800-692-9400.

Factor Nine: Liverzyme
By Titan Laboratories

Factor Nine: Liverzyme is Titan Laboratories’ liver care and detox formulation which naturally “flushes out” poisons in the liver and acts against overload and damage.  Consider recommending Factor Nine: Liverzyme to your patients because good health depends on a clean liver. or call 1-800-929-0945.


 Anabolic Laboratories® introduces new Salizain™ and Salizain™ PM
“Salizain is a fast acting all-natural pain relief formula developed by Anabolic Laboratories to provide relief from minor aches and pains. Salizain provides relaxing herbal relief by addressing the pain associated with over exertion and physical strain.”

Pharmacist’s Ultimate Health® introduces its new line of Doctor’s Natural TherapyTM brand Hormonal Balancing Creams. 
Natural Progesterone Cream helps to relieve the symptoms of PMS, including cramping, mood swings, water retention, weight gain, and more.  Phyto-Estrogen Cream, also contains progesterone, helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, insomnia, and more.  Natural Estrogen (Estriol) Cream may be used for women who are getting off their synthetic HRT or if phyto-estrogens were not enough.  Call 1-800-735-7014 or visit

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