Uncovering the Root Cause of Obesity with Contact Reflex Analysis®

:dropcap_open:D:dropcap_close:r. Dick Versendaal trains chiropractors to offer solutions for obesity based upon uncovering the root cause for each individual patient.  The solutions are based upon supporting the body as it works together as a whole—structurally, nutritionally, and emotionally.  
contactereflexanalysisOver the past 50 years he has found that the body will twist, turn, swell, and even “hold on to” excess fat and fluid as a means to protect itself or compensate for a lack of support—nutritionally, structurally, and/or emotionally—in another area.  If left unchecked, this constant state of compensatory stress creates a domino effect of imbalance and dis-ease that spreads throughout the entire body.  The body is tired.  The brain is tired.  The heart is tired.  When the heart is tired, the body swells with fluid.  Tired bodies crave heavy foods, sugary foods… anything that will help them function one moment longer.   Weight is gained and difficult, if not impossible to lose until the cause is corrected.   
Because of this domino effect, by the time a person becomes obese multiple system and organ imbalances are involved. The most common are structures, heart, bladder and kidneys, digestive system, and emotions.   In order to restore balance to the body, these systems need to be supported and brought back to optimal function so the body can heal and be free to release the excess fat and fluid.    
Dr. Versendaal begins by reinforcing the structural balance of the body with CRA-Flex® orthotics by FootLevelers. CRA-Flex® orthotics are designed to support the heart, adrenals, thyroid and brain through the feet.  Fully functioning feet work as both shock absorbers protecting the structures and as energy pumpers to the heart and brain.  To further balance the structures he focuses on weekly adjustments of the spine T6-T10, which innervates the digestive and elimination organs. 
To support the balance, restoration and function of the other systems of the body, Dr. Versendaal uses the professional quality nutritional protocols and pure essential oils of VerVita Products.  These are free of wheat, soy, sugar, shell fish and dairy—those things that overwhelm an already tired body.  The formulas are designed to support systems of the body along with their backup systems as they work together as a whole.  For obesity, the nutrition and essential oil of choice is Cir-Q Tonic® and Immune Harmony® for the kidneys and bladder.  For the digestive system it is Klenz, GastroDigest II® and Black Cumin essential oil.  
Along with a healthy diet of real food, real portions and moderate activity, getting the body back into balance and sustainable wellness is not only a possibility, but a reality for those who not only want to shed pounds, but to be healthy in all aspects of life.
For more information on Contact Reflex Analysis® seminars taught by Dr. Dick Versendaal, go to www.CRAwellness.com.  For information on VerVita Products, go to: www.VerVitaProducts.com

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