WHAT YOU ARE …is where you want to be.

We have all heard the cliché, “You are what you eat.” I believe, “You are what you read, watch and think.” The Biblical affirmation of this is in the book of Proverbs, which reads, “…as he thinketh in his heart, so he is.”

Many of us and most of our patients are influenced by television. We can turn off the television, but not the images of false reality it creates. A recent study by Harvard University revealed that many adults as well as children cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy on television. Most of us learn by observation and imitation. This is especially true with children. The average child spends more private time with the television than he does with either parent. Since adults have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality, this is compounded in our children.

The reality is that television affirms the crisis (drug) model of health care, not the wellness model. Two of the hottest shows on the fall TV schedule are E.R. and Chicago Hope. The public is hypnotized by the astonishing feats that they accomplish on a weekly basis. Yet, the health bill for our nation exceeded one trillion dollars for the year 2000. For many people, television is the “Window of the World.” With this constant inundation of fantasy, what the public needs is a dose of reality.

The reality is that our world has been inadvertently hooked into the sickness model. We must know our position and educate the public on the wellness model. We must expand our knowledge base and realize that we are all born with great gifts. The secret is to unwrap these gifts and share them with our families and communities.

The holistic wellness concept that I speak of, I dedicate my life to. This is my hobby as well as my vocation. As the computer slowly replaces the television, typewriter, calculator, library and filing system, this tool of knowledge will combat those of fantasy. The present information revolution that is quietly infiltrating the homes and minds of our communities will empower those individuals possessing knowledge, purpose and mental ability. Just as the industrial revolution indulged managers with manufacturing experience, the information revolution is calling for “Intellectual Entrepreneurs” with strong technical and financial backgrounds.

The move from CD’s to CD ROM shows the publics quest toward knowledge. The convergence of trends in the health community opens the gate to the wellness philosophy.

Sophocles said, “Heaven never helps the man who will not act.”

Now is your time to act…to accept your infinite uniqueness. Explore its potential and share its power amongst your peers. I found this poem by an unknown author, but I share this with you today.


Listen ….

Take a moment to listen today,

To what your patients are trying to say.


Listen today whatever you do,

Or they will not be there to listen to you.

Listen to their problems and listen to their needs,

Praise their smallest triumphs and their smallest deeds.

Listen to their complaints, their chatter of pain,

Offer them your love, without thinking of gain.


Listen to your family,

Keep your priorities in sight,

For your family will nourish your soul and make

You shine in the night.


Take a moment to listen today,

To what your family, staff and patients are trying to say.

Listen today, whatever you do,

For then they will come back and listen to you.



General Patton said, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”


Dr. Eric S. Kaplan, is CEO of Multidisciplinary Business Applications, Inc. (MBA), a comprehensive coaching firm with a successful, documented history of creating profitable multidisciplinary practices nationwide. For more information, call 1-561-626-3004.


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