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WebExercises® Desktop from OPTP

With WebExercises® Desktop exercise software from OPTP, patients will benefit from a clear understanding of your home care exercises. They will no longer have to rely on memory for what they’re supposed to do and how many times they’re supposed to do it. Your patients’ satisfaction and their sense of well-being will create referrals and increase productivity, both in patient adherence and in the reputation of your clinic for utilizing this technology.


WebExercises® Desktop gives you or your staff the ability to quickly and easily create concise and personalized patient exercise Rx, selecting from over 1,000 clinically accepted exercises and stretches for all parts of the body. Instruction sheets can be printed or delivered by email, customized with your clinic’s name and logo. WebExercises Desktop features many great options, for instance: 1,000 exercises and stretches, 2,000 photos, and much more.For more information, contact OPTP at 1-800-367-7393 or visit www.optp.com

Erchonia Partners with Santa Barbara

Medical Innovations

Deal In Excess Of $500 Million For Zerona™ Laser Rights: Deal Includes Cash, Milestone Payments, And Equity Sharing In Exchange For Exclusive Sales, Marketing, And Distribution Rights Throughout North America.Erchonia Medical, the global leader in low level laser healthcare applications, announces an exclusive partnership with Santa Barbara Medical Innovations (SBMI), a company dedicated to bringing innovative, safe, and effective healthcare products to market. SBMI has exclusive rights to market and distribute Zerona, Erchonia’s newly introduced and highly-touted, non-invasive body contouring laser. A recently completed clinical trial showed patients lost an average of 3.65 inches from their waists, hips and thighs in just six 40-minute Zerona treatments over a two-week period.



Together with SBMI, Erchonia will expand Zerona’s distribution in the North American market and position the low level cool laser as the most effective, safe, non-invasive alternative to weight-loss surgery. For additional information, please visit www.erchonia.com or www.myzerona.com.



Future Health, Inc., Provides Chiropractors

with Revenue-Building Videos

Future Health’s Virtual Educator boasts a number of benefits to chiropractic clinics, including the ability to generate additional revenue, improve patient satisfaction, promote other services available in the clinic, achieve better compliance with treatment, increase patient retention, grow the practice, and automatically document what the patient viewed in the doctors notes.For more information about Future Health and its Virtual Educator, visit www.futurehealthsoftware.com/selfGuidedTour.asp for an online tour or call 1-888-434-7347 for a personalized demonstration.



ChiroTouch Continues to Lead Industry with Latest Practice Management Software Release

In their ongoing effort to maintain their position as a leading practice management software provider for chiropractors, ChiroTouch™ has just released Version 4.0, their latest iteration of the powerful ChiroTouch software system.

CD“While the previous version of our software has been endorsed by the most influential chiropractors, professional organizations and associations in the United States, we knew we couldn’t rest on that success,” said Robert Moberg, COO at ChiroTouch. “ChiroTouch is dedicated in its efforts to continually innovate—always seeking to improve on every facet of our software in order to help our clients grow their practices and improve their patients’ lives.”

Version 4.0 incorporates a host of new, innovative features designed to empower providers by lowering costs, improving patient care, and increasing practice revenues. Visit www.chirotouch.com for more information.


In the movies

Coming To a Theater Near You: From first-time director John Hindman, comes THE ANSWER MAN, a romantic comedy starring a strikingly beautiful and talented chiropractor, Elizabeth (Lauren Graham) and an author, Arlen Faber (Jeff Daniels), whose characters meet each other after an unfortunate back injury. When Elizabeth’s newest patient, Arlen, literally crawls in off the streets of Philadelphia, she is unaware her patient is the reclusive author of Me and God, a book that has redefined spirituality for an entire generation. This chiropractor is about to change Arlen’s life…in more ways than just a great spinal adjustment. Opening in select theaters July 24th and also available nationwide on-demand.

For more information, visit www.answermanmovie.com

In-The-MovEditor’s Note: There will definitely be some details that may bother some chiropractors,but all in all…it is good to see Chiropractic on the big screen. And, the image of a patient crawling into a clinic and coming out walking, will definitely be a good marketing point for the chiropractic profession, which can only help bring in new patients. This can be a great patient recruiting tool. Check it out and decide for yourself, it might bring in some new patients! And that is always good for the patients in need, as well as your practice.I would say, we are moving in the right direction.

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