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Surgery not Included: Freedom from ChronicNeck and Back Pain

What hot Dr. Richard E. Busch III, nationally recognized chiropractor and founder of Freedom Awaits, a decompression consultant company is launching *Surgery not Included,March 2009. He is a doctor who didn’t just dream about a better outcome for his patients, but a doctor who took action and pioneered a treatment, the DRS Protocol™, the product of 12 years of development and treatment experience. *Surgery not Included reveals an alternative and successful treatment for chronic and severe disc patients! Dr. Busch’s life philosophy and experience in *Surgery not Included presents a viable and successful option to surgery for appropriate disc conditions. Dr. Busch has successfully treated so many patients that had no where else to turn and many have had multiple failed back surgeries, which prompted him to share with other chiropractors, patients, and the medical community, through this book to help many more. Any patient considering surgery should take this book with them when meeting with the surgeon. For more information about ordering *Surgery not Included, call 1-888-471-4090, EST. www.FreedomAwaits.com

Drs. Patrick Gentempo and Christopher KentCelebrate 15 Years of Being “On Purpose” 


CLA Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Dr. Christopher Kent, co-founders of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, Inc. (CLA), are celebrating a milestone in February. That month will mark the 15th successful year of On PurposeTM, the Gentempo and Kent innovation that has rocked the chiropractic profession with its insights into the philosophy, politics, science and art of chiropractic. CLA has dozens of testimonials to the success of the OP Press Release program from doctors who have been able to place these press releases in their local and regional newspapers, reaping free publicity for themselves and their practices, worth tens of thousands of dollars. CLA is proud of another feature it has added to On Purpose—a monthly patient education series that it calls OP Slides. Contact OP Director Deb Martin at [email protected], or 1-800-285-2001, ext. 167.



Snow Shoveling Safety: Chiropractic Care & SpinalPelvic Stabilizers Can Help 

FootShoveling snow may seem like an easy task but, if your patients aren’t careful, they could seriously hurt their backs. It is easy to strain the muscles in the back, causing pain and discomfort. Foot Levelers can also help keep your patients’ bodies working at their best. Foot Levelers’ Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are the only orthotics designed to support all three arches of the foot. By balancing the arches of the foot, Stabilizers align the ankles, knees, hips and pelvis to provide a balanced foundation. Stabilizers also help chiropractic adjustments hold longer, helping prolong your patients’ wellness.For more information about Foot Levelers’ products, call toll free 1-800-553-4860 (USA), 1-800-344-4860 (CAN), or visit online www.FootLevelers.com




New Chiropractic Soft Tissue Technique StopsMigraines In Minutes in Many Patients!Snow Shoveling Safety: Chiropractic Care & SpinalPelvic Stabilizers Can Help


A new procedure that often eliminates migraines and other headaches in minutes has been developed by Stephen Kaufman, D.C. Many severe headaches arise from excess tension of the suboccipital muscles, leading to involvement of vascular and neurological structures. A simple method has been devised to gently disengage the occiput from the atlas, allowing these muscles to instantly regain normal tone, withoutmanipulation. In a large number of cases repeated treatment often reduces or eliminates recurrence of the headache. For more information, go to www.painneutralization.com, or call Dr. Kaufman (800) 774-5078 or 303-756-9567.



EnduraTape Used for McConnellTaping Techniques

 TapeEnduraTape is designed for usewith the patellofemoral, lower extremity and shoulder treatment protocols developed by Jenny McConnell and described in The Patella: ATeam Approach. EnduraTape has an advanced adhesive that puts stayingpower behind physical realignment techniques. EnduraTape can also be used as a high-performance sports tape for joints in motion. EnduraTape is available in two varieties, EnduraSPORTS and EnduraFIX, that can be used alone or together.EnduraSPORTS tape and EnduraFIX tape are available separately or together in a kit. Also available from OPTP; the text reference on the McConnell taping technique, ThePatella: A Team Approach. For a free copy of the Volume 22 Catalog, call OPTP at 1-800-367-7393. Visit OPTP’s website at www.optp.com

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