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Teeter, the world’s leading supplier of high quality, precision engineered inversion products since 1981, announces the availability of their clinical model DFM Inversion Table.

The DFMThe DFM is designed specifically for chiropractic use and offers many features to benefit both the clinician and patient. The motorized inversion control allows the clinician to gently and gradually introduce inversion to virtually any patient. With adjustable knee bolsters and arm supports, the Teeter DFM is designed to accommodate a wide range of patients. Its gravity lock ankle clamp system with extended handle provides maximum ease-of-use and security, and the DFM’s intelligent design allows patients to be treated in either supine or prone positions.

The DFM delivers progressive decompression, the benefits of which are supported by numerous studies indicating that inversion relieves many types of discogenic-based back pain.

For more information on the Teeter DFM Inverted Decompression unit, contact Scott Logan at 1-800-847-0143, ext. 245, e-mail [email protected]


Ibunex® and Gluconex® Topical Creams Get a Makeover New Professional Size
and Improved Formula

IbunexCore Products International, Inc has improved the formulas of its topical creams, Ibunex® and Gluconex®, and is offering a new product option specifically designed for DC’s and other health care professionals. The new 8oz. size is based on feedback from professionals who asked for a larger bottle to keep in their treatment rooms.

In addition to the larger size, both formulas have an added ingredient—Lanol, which produces a creamier, smoother composition and acts as a moisturizer on dry skin.

Ibunex is an acute-care formula containing Ibuprofen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Bromelain. Gluconex, designed for long-term muscle and joint maintenance, contains higher amounts of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, without the Ibuprofen.

For more information, call 1-800-241-2175 or visit online at www.CoreProductsLaboratories.com


New Laws Create Need for Added Health Care Security HealthFusion Protects Providers from Patient Record Breaches

FusionTwo new laws in California took effect in January 2009 requiring providers to maintain the confidentiality of patient medical information. If they fail to protect patients, providers will face substantial consequences under the laws. Penalties for security breaches range from $25,000 to $250,000 per reported event. It is expected that many states will follow suit and enact similar laws.

As a result, HealthFusion has taken extraordinary steps to secure its EDI Clearinghouse, Practice Management System, and new Electronic Prescribing solutions for customers. HealthFusion subscribers securely store their data off-site at two state-of-the art data centers, making those providers immune to theft in the unfortunate case of an office robbery. These off-site data centers also protect information in the case of emergency, natural disaster or fire. Providers of all sizes and Billings Services can schedule a brief, informative Web demo today at www.HealthFusion.com or call 1-858-523-2120.



Vertebral Distraction Pump Reintroduced to D.C.’s

DistractionDr. Bruce Broughton, inventor of the Vertebral Distraction Pump Instruments, has formed a new partnership and corporation, Bray International, Inc., to better serve the chiropractic profession. He has retired from private practice after 27 years and is now devoted full-time to continued research, marketing and promotion of the VDP instruments and technique.

The VDP was patented and FDA registered in the late 1990’s. It is the only known instrument in the chiropractic profession that can provide flexion-distraction at all spinal levels to reduce disc herniations and facet syndrome. He is now available for coaching, training and seminars. For more information, visit www.vdpump.com or call 1-877-418-2729.



Introducing: Chiropractic Stimulus Package.

Did you know that the average Masters Circle member produced a 23.4% rate of growth in 2008? That’s incredibly significant when you consider that, on average, the profession declined by approximately 15%. The Masters Circle wants to help. There’s never been a better time to get coached!

In response to the difficult economic climate, effective March 1, 2009, TMC is implementing the Chiropractic Stimulus Package including (but not limited to):

• Membership fee roll back $995/ mo …Now Only $795/mo! ($2400 yearly savings)

• 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not fully satisfied (some restrictions apply)

• Member Rewards Program: Be a Friend, Refer a Friend…and get $50 off your monthly fee with each new signed contract. For more info, call 1-800-451-4514, Ext. 125.

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