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Hill Laboratories Now Offers BLACK for All Hill Models.
Hill Laboratories recently announced that they will add black to their standard base color options for all Hill models. Jim Gemmell, Marketing Director for Hill commented, “We were finding that more and more of our customers were special ordering black so we made the decision to add it to our standard base color choices of beige and gray at no extra charge.”    The black base can be ordered in combination with any of the 30 upholstery color options, including white, gray and black. Pictured: Hill AFT Automatic Flexion Table with several options, Cinder upholstery and Black base. Starts at $4595.  To see several Hill models in BLACK visit: HillLabs.com/black or call 1-877-445-5020.


ProtoMeal™ provides superior protein,  chelated minerals, digestive enzymes, live probiotics and MCTs.  Organic Stevia and GI-friendly Erythritol ensure low sugar content, making it an excellent nutritional supplement or between-meal boost.*  ProtoMeal™ mixes easily, tastes outstanding and is available in two varieties: Chocolate (whey protein-based) and Natural Berry (plant protein-based) – both, perfect complements to proprietary ProtoClear™ formulas. For more information go to www.protocolforlife.com



2 Coaches For the Price Of 1
Palm Beach, Florida – July 21, 2010
Dr. Eric S. Kaplan, Pres. of M.B.A., (Multidisciplinary Business Applications) & Dr. Perry M. Bard, Pres. of Health-1st New Patient Systems, Inc. have formally joined forces to create a 5 diamond Chiropractic Coaching program known as “CONCIERGE COACHES”.
Concierge Coaches provides a “One-2-One” dynamic with a personalized & strategic “New Patient Marketing” emphasis tailored to each doctors demographic, strengths & talents.Concierge Coaches also owns & operates “Palm Beach Massage Centers”, a national franchise-like business system for clients looking to utilize massage services as well as featuring “Disc Force” for doctors interested in adding decompression. They also feature a vast array of self-working marketing systems.
To learn more contact: C.Q. (Doctor Relations) @ 888-990-9660 or visit them @ www.ConciergeCoaches.com & www.ConciergeCoachesLIVE.com


DFM_adustmentExpand Your Practice with Inversion Therapy
Give yourself an edge by offering your clients specialized inversion therapy treatments with the Teeter DFM Inversion Table. This multi-faceted approach to decompression therapy can be used before, during or after a traditional adjustment in the prone or supine position. Widen your range of treatment by additionally offering in-home products to your customers as they continue their chiropractic care.  Teeter provides marketing tools, suggested treatment protocols and billing options to help you get started.  Contact 800-847-0143 x256 or [email protected].



“Pregnancychiropractic on-line”
www.pregnancychiropractic.com is a fantastic resource and delivers all of the information you need and never learned in school.  Drs. Karen & Larry Bagnell have collected case studies and proven techniques for more than 20years and have compiled them into books, CD’s, online courses forms, posters, webinars and more.  Drs. Bagnell have concisely and clearly put their years of experience into their highly successful Bagnell System of Pre-Natal Care which is often imitated but can only be found on this site. Visit www.pregnancychiropractic.com for all your office and educational needs. For further information contact Dr. Lawrence or Karen Bagnell at (215)504-2711 or [email protected].


The RumbleRoller™ is now available from OPTP!      
The RumbleRoller™ surface contains 200 specially designed bumps that are like the thumbs of a  massage therapist! The bumps are firmer than muscle tissue, but much softer than bone, so they deflect out of the way ifrumbleroller_product they contact your spine or other bony protrusions. The RumbleRoller was molded with an antimicrobial additive and is 31″ x 6″, water-proof and latex free.  For more information visit www.optp.com or call 800-367-7393.

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