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CLEAR Institute offers FREE video
class on “How To Restore

The Cervical Lordosis”!

clear_logo.gifCLEAR Institute is the leader in the Chiropractic profession in CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment.  
One of the major points in CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment is that, when the spine loses the mechanical advantage of the good curves (cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis), innate will put in lateral or bad curves to compensate for this. 
To correct scoliosis, the good curves must be restored.
Dr. Dennis Woggon, BSc, DC, presents informative and entertaining online video on “How To Restore The Cervical Lordosis” at CLEAR website: www.CLEAR-Institute.org.
CLEAR Institute’s mission is to make the Doctor of Chiropractic THE Spinal Expert.
Go to www.clear-institute.org/cervical-lordosis for this Free class or call CLEAR Institute at 866-663-7030 for more information.



Boca Raton, Florida, December 15, 2010—Jeff Abramson, Director of Physician Services, today announced in a continued effort to serve its clients and insurance company protocols, the launch of physician-directed Needle EMG along with NCVs for its in-office clientele in Florida.  Integrated Practice Resources, LLC, is the nation’s leading provider of complete on-site electrodiagnostic testing for medical professionals to greatly increase their patient care and maximize their practice earnings.
Jeff Abramson, Integrated Practice Resources Director of Physician Services states, “We provide doctors with the opportunity to offer a convenient and significantly profitable ancillary service to patients within their own practice that is Stark compliant and much more convenient for the patient.”
“Coverage and reimbursement policies vary, but diagnostic testing is covered by most insurers.  IPR has an independent staff in place to assist with billing concerns and to verify patients’ benefits prior to testing.  In every case, clients can rely on expert reports from qualified neurologists and radiologists, as well as objective documentation for insurance claims.”  -David Fisher, Integrated Practice Resources CFO.
For information about how to start on-site diagnostic testing and maximize yourpractice earnings, contact a representative at 1-888-395-4007 or visit ipr-management.com


“Pregnancychiropractic on-line”


www.pregnancychiropractic.com is a fantastic resource and delivers all of the information you need and never learned in school.  Drs. Karen & Larry Bagnell have collected case studies and proven techniques for more than 20 years and have compiled them into books, CD’s, online courses forms, posters, webinars and more.  Drs. Bagnell have concisely and clearly put their years of experience into their highly successful Bagnell System of Pre-Natal Care which is often imitated but can only be found on this site. Visit www.pregnancychiropractic for all your office and educational needs.
For further information contact: Dr. Lawrence or Karen Bagnell 215 504-2711; [email protected].


“There’s a supplement for that”
Douglas Laboratories Introduces
New iphone Product catalog App
Now Available As A Free Download  

PITTSBURGH, PA, November 24, 2010 – Douglas Laboratories, a worldwide leader in the nutritional supplement industry, announces the launch of its latest innovation, a mobile application providing healthcare professionals with a complete and interactive version of Douglas Laboratories’ product guide.
Now available as a free download through the Douglas Laboratories website and Apple iTunes, this application allows healthcare professionals to instantly access and easily search Douglas Laboratories’ catalog by supplement, formula, health condition, wellness function, and other identifying categories. User-friendly navigation provides instant viewing of other enhanced content including data sheets, pricing, multimedia resources, and updates on new products.  
“We are excited to utilize cutting-edge Smartphone technology to enhance communication with our customers, as well as provide on-the-go healthcare professionals with immediate access to product information and support,” said Doug Lioon, Executive Chairman of Douglas Laboratories. “With our new, free application, selecting the right supplement for patients has never been easier – it is just a tap away.”
Douglas Laboratories’ mobile application version 1.0.0 requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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