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Douglas Laboratories Presents New Wobenzym®
Professional Strength

WobenzymDouglas Laboratories and Mucos, LLC, are proud to offer their newest professional strength systemic enzyme supplement, Wobenzym® PS, available exclusively to healthcare professionals. For more than 60 years, Wobenzym® has been a trusted name for systemic enzyme support. Developed by leading scientists and used by millions of people worldwide, the family of Wobenzym® products has been proven to be safe and beneficial for overall immune support. Backed by decades of clinical research and published studies, Wobenzym® PS supplies specific enzymes to the body to support immune function, joint, muscle and tendon health, as well as normal wound healing. Compared to Wobenzym® N, Wobenzym® PS provides health professionals with a unique blend of enzymes in an enhanced formula with twice the strength of active ingredients: Bromelain, Trypsin, and Rutoside. For additional information, visit www.douglaslabs.com,  email [email protected], or call 1-888-DOUGLAB.




The Vitality Depot Now Offers Pre-Cut,
Ready To Apply Spidertech Kinesiology Tape

VitalyThe Vitality Depot announced today that SpiderTech pre-cut, ready to apply kinesiology tape is now available at www.TheVitalityDepot.com for immediate delivery. The SpiderTech tape is made by the original manufacturer Nitto Denko to the highest quality levels. The SpiderTech shapes, designed by Dr. Kevin Jardine, are fast and easy to apply, and can be used to enhance microcirculation, provide stability and stimulate the neurosenses.

“The SpiderTech kinesiology tape is a wonderful way to support the adjustments for up to 5 days outside the office,” explained Dr. Mark Mandell, a third generation chiropractor and President of The Vitality Depot. “The pre-formed shapes for various body areas are so much quicker and easier to use than cutting the tapes off of rolls. The response from doctors has been tremendous!”

The Vitality Depot includes recognized national brands like Core, Chattanooga, Biotone, Sombra, Biofreeze, PosturePump and Thermoskin. The Vitality Depot also carries specialty products like SpiderTech kinesiology tape, NeuroTech EMS/TENS garments, and Cold+Compression braces. For more information, contact Dr. Mark Mandell, President, at 1-866-941-8867 or at [email protected].


Decompression Seminar DVD

Advanced“Advanced Decompression and Core Rehab” is an outstanding DVD seminar presented by Dr. Randy Reed D..C., C.C.S.P. and founder of Better Doctor Seminars. The study covers over 3 1/2 hours of extremely helpful material on biomechanical back pain and the conservative treatment of these conditions with special emphasis on Decompression Therapy. Included in the discussion is the latest evidence-based information on the principles of Decompression and Core Rehab, Light Therapy and other modalities for spinal rehabilitation and stabilization. Diagnosis and complete protocols are discussed for the resolution of a number of spinal conditions. The material is presented in a conversational style that is both informative but concise and designed to be immediately implemented. To order or for more information call 1- 888-422-2502, or visit: www.decompressionvideo.com


CoCurcumin™, the best bio-available curcumin

CoCuruminWe at Ayush Herbs have found a unique way to increase the absorption of curcumin. We have found that by binding medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) to Curcumin, it enhances the bioavailability many folds as curcumin is very lipophilic. MCTs are a unique form of dietary fats that impart a wide range of positive health benefits. The absorption of calcium, magnesium and amino acids appears to be enhanced when the diet contains MCTs. MCTs are an excellent choice for malnutrition and are often added to parenteral formulas for intravenous feeding following surgery or during recovery from severe injuries, burns and infections. With all of this in mind we have formulated, CoCurcumin™, the best bio-available curcumin on the market. It works great for inflammation! Call 1-800-925-1371, or visit www.ayush.com  for more information.


Spinetronics’ Antalgic-Trak Great Success
at the FCA Convention

SpinetronicsSpinetronics’ Antalgic-Trak had its best show ever at this year’s 2009 FCA Orlando Convention. Doctors are finally beginning to understand that posture and positioning are just as essential for decompression as they are for the adjustment. “In the beginning, we couldn’t understand why so many doctors thought that spinal positioning didn’t apply to decompression? “And now, after 5 years of educating doctors about the benefits of ROM Decompression, it really feels great to see that the doctor’s finally got it.” Drs. Bass and Denny. For more information, call 1-866-500-8725 or email [email protected].


Fujifilm to Give Away 5 Digital X-Ray Systems

PrimaPrimaDreama video contest asks, “What’s the funniest thing that has happened in your office?” In conjunction with the introduction and release of the new Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR), Prima digital X-ray system, FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc., is excited to announce the launch of PrimaDreama, an online video contest. Fujifilm will give away a total of five FCR Pima systems, one to each contest winner at a chiropractic, podiatric, urgent care, family practice and veterinary facility. Complete information on the contest, which runs August 1 through November 30, 2009, can be found at www.PrimaDreama.com.


Corrective Strategies RX Brings
Unique Rehabilitation System

CorrectCorrective Strategies RX is a rehabilitation system based on the principals of authentic strength training. The idea behind this system is to help patients create functional total body strength, the strength for everyday living, by taking them through complex motion patterns, utilizing multiple planes and muscle groups during every exercise.  A complete package for implementing these unique and effective training methods is now available. Andy Paull, DC, CCSP, Joe Arreola, DC, and Anthony DiLuglio (founder of the Art of Strength and Punch Kettlebell Gyms) have put together a comprehensive rehab kit that can be easily incorporated into any chiropractic office. Real People. Real Strength. Real Results. For more information, contact CSRX at 1-608-751-0625 or visit www.correctivestrategies.com.


The Ultimate B12 is the strongest B12
on the market today

UlimateB12 has been taken as a supplement for more than 50 years for its reported value in rejuvenation of the mind and body. Vitamin B12 is needed to prevent anemia and aid in proper digestion. B12 deficiencies have been linked to cognitive dysfunction, memory loss, fatigue, tinnitus, and more. The ULTIMATE B12 dissolves in your mouth utilizing, for the first time, 10,000 mcg B12 in the form of Methylcobalamine. B12 has been shown to raise red blood cell counts and lower homocysteine levels in the body. For more information, visit www.drguberman.com or call Dr. Guberman at 1-800-333-9942.


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