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 Factor Eight: Natural Cleanse The Toxic Avenger!


titanlabs-issue8-328An herbal and fiber based proprietary formulation to alleviate gastrointestinal distress and lower cholesterol. This natural supplement is extremely effective yet gentle and safe for both children and the elderly. While maintaining a clean and healthy intestinal tract, it is not a laxative nor is it habit-forming.

A documented Research Report on efficacy of ingredients and holistic recommendations is available on Titan Lab’s website.
Wholesale to the profession the price is $8.50 for a 60 capsule vial. Available exclusively through health professionals and backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. To order call 1-800-020-0945 or visit www.titanlabs.com.



KMC University Hands-On Lab in St. Louis, MO

kmc-issue8--328KMC University will be presenting one of their successful Hands-On Labs in St. Louis, Missouri on August 20 and 21, 2010.
The KMC University Hands-On Lab is an excellent first step in building or rebuilding a strong and profitable practice. It provides doctors with the tools they need to overcome the most frustrating challenges in today’s Chiropractic offices: decreased income, questionable compliance, and too much chaos.
Registrations are open at www.kmcuniversity.com or by calling 1-888-659-8777.


ACA & Future Health Announce Partnership Members to Receive Discounts

American Chiropractic Association and Future Health, Inc.—the nation’s #1 provider of chiropractic software—are teaming up to make EHR use and practice management easier and more affordable than ever for DCs.
ACA members will automatically receive 10% off all eConnect Apps … and members will be eligible for even bigger discounts on select future eConnect Apps.
The two organizations have announced they’ll jointly develop a specialty App for coding to integrate seamlessly with Future Health’s FREE eConnect base software.
For more information about eConnect and to see a quick eConnect demo, visit www.FHeConnect.com/1008 or call Toll Free 1-888-434-7347.

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