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Climber Presents Check to Kids

RHODE ISLAND: Dr. Tim Warren, the man who climbed to the top of the world earlier this year made good on a promise to some children on Sept. 23. The Warwick chiropractor who scaled Mount Everest, presented a check for more than $6000 to A Wish Come True.

The money was raised from sales of T-shirts and hats and donations from the corporate sponsor. Warren was unsuccessful in his attempt to reach the summit in 2007, but made it to the top in May of this year.

For a log of the climb, you can visit Dr. Tim Warren’s Klimb for Kids site at

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Chiropractor, Attorney Acquitted of Fraud Charges

INDIANA: A chiropractor and attorney who had been charged with fraud and several other counts was found not guilty in late September following a three-day trial.

Robert Ekin, 39, adamantly denied that he had bilked five insurance companies out of thousands of dollars.

Prosecutors contended that he tracked down automobile crash victims, offered free consultations and then charged insurance companies for services not rendered.

“They had a hot mess of a case,” said Bryan Cook, Ekin’s attorney. “It was incredible and unbelievable that they would bring a case with this quality of evidence.”

Jurors delivered the not-guilty verdict after 14 hours of deliberation. Ekin said he feels vindicated, but violated.

“We’ve lost absolutely everything. It’s been a horrible experience,” Ekin said. “Thanks to the jurors and, especially, we’re eternally grateful to attorney Cook for what he’s done for my family.”

Ekin said he and his wife are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. He has opened a new clinic and his chiropractic license remains in good standing.

Attorney David Wood, who was also charged in the fraud case, was also acquitted.

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Another Chiropractor Faces Fraud Charges

IOWA: A Cedar Rapids chiropractor is facing nearly 40 counts of mail fraud, identity theft and money laundering charges.

Douglas P. Dvorak was charged in an indictment filed in late September in the U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids.

The indictment alleges that 45-year-old Dvorak submitted false Medicaid claims for chiropractic services he never provided. It also says he used the identities of underaged Medicaid beneficiaries in his alleged scheme, which officials say lasted from late 2005 to early 2007.

Dvorak also is accused of trying to control and conceal the location of the proceeds of the fraud.

He faces 22 counts of mail fraud, 11 counts of aggravated identity theft and six counts of money laundering.

His initial appearance has been scheduled for the first week in October in federal court in Cedar Rapids.

Chiropractor wins one case;
faces further censure from state

MAINE: Clifford Faldman, a Kennebunk chiropractor who had been facing a charge of unlawful sexual touching, was found not guilty after a jury trial concluded in late September.

Faldman also recently re-opened his practice, said his lawyer James Martemucci.

“He feels absolutely vindicated,” Martemucci said of his client. “He knew the charges were false from the beginning. He’s pleased he’s had his day in court and that the jury found in his favor.”

Faldman’s license to practice was reactivated Aug. 27 following 210 days of suspension stemming from charges of sexual misconduct with patients.

Faldman, 55, has a history of complaints against him by patients. His chiropractic license was suspended for 180 days, plus an additional 30 days earlier this year, said Doug Dunbar, from the Maine State Office of Licensing and Registration.

Dunbar said Faldman was given an additional 30-day suspension on top of the original 180 days after two new complaints were received. A hearing on those complaints took place Sept. 24. While the board found Faldman did not violate rules or ethics in regard to those two complaints, he does face censure for violating a previous agreement.

“The board found Dr. Faldman in violation of the January 2008 consent agreement for non-payment of hearing costs assessed to him at that time,” wrote Dunbar. “Those costs total $2,471.61. The board also found Dr. Faldman in violation of the January 2008 consent agreement for not submitting a treatment plan and clinician reports. Additionally, the board found Dr. Faldman in violation of rules pertaining to keeping appropriate patient records.”

Faldman is still facing one additional criminal charge of violating an order of protection, stemming from a June 2 incident. Martemucci said he expects that complaint to be dismissed.

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