A Healthcare System Divided Against Itself

Dr. Wilk is an activist fighting for closer healthcare cooperation between chiropractors and MD’s.  There are superior and safer chiropractic treatments being isolated from hospitals, while public ignorance of this very effective treatment for many stress related ailments, headaches and musculoskeletal conditions is overlooked. Here he discusses his solutions.

Christ said that a house divided against itself cannot stand and that His people die from a lack of knowledge. Let’s evaluate these two passages in terms of our healthcare system and take a little poetic liberty with them.

Whenever we speak of being divided, we usually think of chiropractors. However, if we take a closer and, realistic look at what is actually happening in healthcare, we can show that our entire healthcare system is actually very much divided against itself. Chiropractic care is being isolated from hospitals, while medication reactions and unnecessary surgeries cause 150,000 deaths annually because of a lack of knowledge of better healthcare options. As a result, MD’s have become the #1 leading cause of death in America! Every week there are one-thousand deaths from unnecessary surgery and two-thousand deaths from medication reaction! These are not street drugs or dope but prescribed medications. Indeed, our healthcare system is not only divided but people are dying from a lack of knowledge of the option of chiropractic.


If we take a closer and, realistic look at what is actually happening in healthcare, we can show that our entire healthcare system is actually very much divided against itself.


We are not making up these medical statistics; the medical journals openly admit to them. They represent well documented statistics. The medical community rationalizes that you will win some and then you will lose some, which is a false premise because we need not lose all of them who were lost. The medical establishment needs to remove its blinders and work closer together with chiropractors. Some of these medical victims are savable.

There is a serious need for healthcare reform but NOT of the kind we hear being discussed today. We need closer inter-professional cooperation. Could you imagine the public outcry if we lost one-percent of these people from commercial plane crashes? The aviation industry would be decimated; yet there is little or no alarm over these medical statistics. There are solid and well documented clinical outcome studies of the therapeutic superiority, safety and cost effectiveness of chiropractic for many musculoskeletal and stress related ailments, including headaches, without using dangerous drugs or surgery demanding a need for closer inter-professional cooperation between all physicians—medical and chiropractic alike! Chiropractors need to be gatekeepers in hospitals, working with MD’s to oversee and prevent some of these deaths from medications and dangerous unnecessary surgeries.

This is the message which can be effectively and convincingly presented by chiropractic spokespersons in all fifty States. It would not cost a lot of money and it would be the most credible public relations program. It would only take the commitment and effort on the part of a few spokespersons in every State dedicated to get the message out. The impact on chiropractic would be phenomenal. Every State Association should select its most trustworthy, knowledgeable and articulate doctors willing to become Official State Chiropractic Spokespersons and contact the media and press with this message.

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