ALL-NATURAL ingredients including our Mixed Tocopherols, Tocotrienols and Vitamins A & D. This unique, novel formulation combines excellent skin moisturizing with strong anti-aging and wellness benefits.

Big Sandy –April 20, 2015 – A.C. Grace Company today announced the introduction of a newly enhance formulation of UNIQUE E® NATURAL MOISTURIZING CREAMformulated for enhanced skin penetration and extended time release provides lasting moisturizing effects, keeping the skin soft, supple, and smooth feeling all day. Its skin-nourishing properties are intensive enough for use as a night cream, while its texture is light enough for use during the day and under makeup.

unique-eAccording to Scott Smith, Director of Marketing & Operations for the company, “Vitamin E as natural, unesterified tocopherols plus tocotrienols provides strong antioxidant protection, reduces damage from UV radiation and photoaging and helps delay skin aging and wrinkles. In combination with vitamins A and D3 it supports skin health and wellness in addition to the anti-aging benefits.”

The company’s research and development team formulated this product based on emerging research which showed conclusively that the complete family of natural tocopherols and tocotrienols penetrate the skin faster and provide a wider spectrum of benefits that the esterified form of alpha-tocopherol used in most products. The unique vitamin E formulation in this cream is particularly rich in gamma tocopherol, which fights harmful free radicals from environmental pollutants and oxidative stress, and tocotrienols which provide powerful protection against radiation damage. The formulation includes grape seed oil, shea and cocoa butter, ethyl macadamiate and others in support of enhanced skin penetration and extended action.

The company’s goal was to enhance the formulation of UNIQUE E® Natural Moisturizing Cream to work more synergistically with their line of vitamin E-based dietary supplements to provide an inside-out approach to managing whole health goals including dermal cell protection. This superior cream is now at the higher quality level as their well-recognized clinical topical, UNIQUE Derma®, and will provide powerful anti-oxidant, moisturizing and anti-aging benefits.

A.C. Grace Company was founded 1962 and is well-known as the Standard in the Vitamin E industry. They have been providing thousands of healthcare professionals in all fields of practice, their patients and consumers worldwide, a line of PURE Multi-E products for more than a half-century. The company also provides extensive education about the Truth about Vitamin E through Doctor Tested: Application Based Science™ through seminars, webinars, on-site training and on their website; www.acgrace.com.

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