Activate Multiple Levels of Innate Communication to Eliminate Inflammation and Pain

Like the discord of an instrument out of tune in a skillful orchestra, innate intelligence can lose its interconnected synchronicity between the motion of all the organs and structures of the body. When this synchronicity is lost, there is always a loss of intrinsic oscillatory motion away from embryonic origin. Embryological evidence proves that powerful and unparalleled ways to clear brain and nervous system interference can be elicited via energy-balancing techniques that balance the three chief organizers of the entire meridian system:

• the Governing Vessel (GV) Meridian or (Du Mo),
• the Conception Vessel (CV or (Ren Mo), and
• the Chung Mo, a “meeting place” or “crossroads of nine meridians” where the main branches of the nervous system, circulatory system and lymphatic system all cross paths in the abdominal region.

Also, this primal energetic zone is the site where tensions accumulate to inhibit the efficiency of how innate intelligence disperses healing energy throughout the body. Hence, the ability of innate intelligence to receive, store and use energy can be restricted through contractions and tensions in this deeper energetic zone.

Since stress is compensated for by GV and CV safety energy circuits located in the sacrum and cranium, balancing the GV, which represents the spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid and the peripheral nervous system, and the CV, which represents the brain or brain interferences, can accelerate patient healing responses and eliminate roadblocks to healing. Although not commonly addressed by American Traditional Chinese Medicine-trained acupuncturists, the integrity and balance of these primal energy networks or extraordinary meridians is crucial to a complete healing response.

Freeing up and tonifying these deeper energetic zones nourishes all visceral functions and reduces constriction of constrained Liver Qi while strengthening the adrenals and reducing stagnant energy in the musculature of the chest and upper back (pericardium energetic zone). Since the embryological origin of the Chung Mo precedes all 12 meridians and the nervous system, the use of passive pre-adjustment techniques can overcome the obstacles to clearing stubborn subluxations or clearing brain interferences that are hard to locate and treat with many chiropractic techniques.

Since the congestion or constriction of Chung Mo energies is the precursor to agitated emotional states (especially inappropriate anger), depression, anxiety, maldigestion and runaway viral infections that cause chronic fatigue and immunosuppression, clearing the body of these energetic blocks will activate a powerful resource of innate intelligence.

Prolonged tensions can traumatize and agitate the fascia, which heals by spider-webbing together with irregularly arranged collagen. Stress on the fascia is aggravated by injuries or sedentary life-styles. Since the fascia limits body motion, it must be viewed to be equally important to the tendons, capsules, and ligaments. Only three weeks of inhibited motion can cause it to lose its flexibility. Most importantly, hypertonic fascia layers trap and squeeze nerve receptors, along with blood and lymph vessels to interfere with innate communication.

The Role of Synbioitc Nutrition in Improving Structural Alignment

Impairments in the function of neurons and connective tissue result from malnutrition and toxicity and are manifested by a reduced range of motion, and chronic subluxations. Learning to evoke and surrender to innate intelligence allows for the successful coordination and control of our physiology. Habituation, the gradual decaying of a nerve cell’s response from prolonged stress, can be corrected with non-stimulatory nourishment and maintains autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance.

Prolonged and uncompensated stress can push the ANS to habituate stress responses. It can cause sustained levels of adrenaline and cortisol that steadily decrease the body’s resistance to infection, inflammation, and tumors of all kinds. The chemistry and physiology of stress create a paradoxical situation: we tend to crave the very reactions which set into motion vicious circles that systematically destroy us and limit our adaptability to stress. Synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals used in the majority of nutritional supplements fuel this addictive and destructive cycle.

The connective tissue and fascia form an interface via the “ground substance” throughout all systems of the body, even into the innermost parts of each cell.  Since the circulatory, nervous system, musculo-skeletal system, the digestive tract, and the organs are ensheathed in connective tissue, it can be viewed as the matrix that determines the overall shape of the organism as well as the detailed architecture of its parts. Plus, the crystalline lattices of the connective tissues represent a semi-conducting communication network that can convey the bioelectric signals of innate intelligence throughout the body. Connective tissue serves as a physical and chemical barrier to the spreading of toxic agents and infections throughout the body.

It provides the fluid-electrical medium for neurons, immune cells and hormones to regulate the body.

The clinical applications of instant cell nourishment via synbioitic-foodgrown™ nutrition nourishes, rather than stimulates, stress defense mechanisms and activates powerful stem cell-like activities via fibroblasts in the connective tissue and glial cells of the nervous system. Nutritional enhancement of glial cells has been documented to foster neuron directionality and neurotrophic activities of dopaminergic neurons, sensory, motor (both PNS & CNS) & ANS cells (J Neurosci Res, 1994;37:1; Chinese J Microsurg, 1993;16:2:125-8) and results in nervous system regeneration, reorganization and proper coordinated functioning (J Neurocyt, 1993;22:436-48; Ann Rev Neurosci 1990;13).

Since fibroblasts are inhibited from sustained levels of adrenaline and cortisol, nourishing cells quickly with synbioitic-foodgrown™ nutrition is critical for maintaining health in today’s polluted world. Environmental stressors (electro-pollution and chemical pollutants) have doubled in the past three years. For example, satellite-generated gigahertz frequencies, used in cell phone and wireless transmission systems, can overload and blow out GV and CV energy circuits, causing excessive Chung Mo and visceral tensions in the abdomen and a loss of adaptability to stress.

If the energetic system cannot compensate properly for stress, stress becomes distress and damages the body. Hence, the Quantum Repatterning Technique or QRT (see Sept-Oct 2003 and Feb 2005 The American Chiropractor magazine for more information) can be used to palpate and free up the deeper energetic zones in the abdomen that relate to spinal alignment. When stress is damaging the body, there is extreme reactivity and tenderness in the CV and Chung Mo meridians.  Nourishing these zones allows the connective tissue to synchronize the motion between muscles, vessels, nerves and viscera and transfer appropriate muscle action to the bones. This can help to reduce ligament, fascia and muscular tensions that make it hard for a chiropractor to align the spinal column.

Techniques to clear the GV-20 Spinal Nerve Clearance Zone, the Kidney-Cervical Zone and the Chung Mo Lumbar Kidney Clearance Zone will allow a powerful equalization of energy and establish higher levels of resilience to stress.  In the Kidney-Cervical Zone, K-11 and CV-2 are treated. In the Chung Mo Lumbar Kidney Clearance Zone, K-15 and CV-7 (adrenals or yang of the kidneys) are treated. NOTE: These protocols are outlined in detail in my Quantum Repatterning Technique-II manual available at

To achieve the full potential of innate intelligence, many challenging, but ultimately solvable, problems must be surmounted. First, we must provide instant cell nourishment to bypass the stress-damaged digestive functions and get nutrients quickly to the cells. Secondly, coherence must be established in the nanotesla-exhahertz range where innate intelligence, via DNA, operates most effectively and where the Chung Mo can be cleared of interference. When coherence is reduced, it is like poor cell phone reception in a mountainous area, as innate communication may not be able to fully transmit, receive, decode, store and answer incoming stimuli via specific systems of the body.

Research with Digital Infrared Thermograph Imaging (DITI) has documented that, when coherence is reestablished, connective tissue inflammation decreases dramatically (see before and after DITI on 52-year old female). Unknown to most nutritionists and naturopaths, it takes living Synbiotic protein-mineral matrixes to fully activate liver detoxification networks and cleanse the spinal nerves and connective tissue of toxins. Hence, nerve interference needs to be treated as a process that involves unwanted inflammation, toxicity, and malnourishment.

This view puts a premium on understanding and defining neural stressors and acknowledges that disease cannot be tied to a single cause.

With this focus, it is possible to enhance innate intelligence above and beyond an adjustment. Clearly, the encoding, transmission, reception and decoding of innate information depend on quantum coherence, a process that is achievable with chiropractic tools such as the Quantumizer-II™ and QuantaWater™ technologies. These new understandings will invigorate chiropractic and enhance patient care—the ultimate goal of any health care practice.

In summary, QRT represents that innate healing in the human body is intertwined in a seamless web of interconnecting systems, all of which contribute to its functional unity and healing capacity. Palpating the deeper energetic zones leads the patient on a journey of discovering where visceral and energetic tension is held in the abdomen. Increasing bodily awareness of the segmented patterns of illness empowers the patient. With increased awareness and bodily-felt recognitions, both the doctor and patient become harmoniously united in philosophy. Patient feedback is instantaneous, as both the patient and doctor acknowledge the rigidity and muscular reactivity in the palpated zones. The patient feels the locked up energy and has some basis for assuming personal responsibility for correcting it with proper nourishment lifestyle changes that do not produce a dependence on stimulation.   This personal, sensory engagement provides an opportunity for both the patient and doctor to come to grips with the laws of nature, because strength and health cannot be pumped into anyone who takes a passive role in his/her healing process.

Chiropractic stands to reap significant benefits by expanding its focus on these deeper energetic zones and on ways to nourish neurons and activate fibroblasts that regenerate the body. When we free up deeper tensions, we can access the body’s innate biofeedback communication system.  Since Innate is the body’s inner physician, finding ways to keep its multiple lines of communication free and clear of any interference will have positive clinical effects. The power of innate intelligence to heal the body hinges greatly on the openness and functional unity of the entire organism.

Dr. Yanick is a world renowned expert on and founder of Quantum Medicine and QRT.  He has published extensively on Quantum Medicine.  You may contact Dr. Yanick by fax at 386-663-9075 or e-mail at [email protected]. Visit for more information.

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