Adjusting the Holographic Body Part Four: Allergies

If the body is sick, the mind worries and the spirit grieves; if the mind is sick, the body and spirit will suffer from its confusion; if the spirit is sick, there will be no will to care for the body or mind. – J.R. Worsley

Posture of subluxation (POS)

In Parts One and Two, we discussed how some subluxations can only be accessed (and adjusted) when the patient is in a certain physical or emotional posture (the Posture of Subluxation—POS). In Part Three, we discussed locating and correcting the emotional POS.


There are many POS’s; a common one is allergies

The POS is not limited to physical or emotional states. Many diverse health conditions will exhibit a POS. For example, Koren Specific Technique (KST) doctors have discovered that allergies correlate to subluxation postures.


KST and allergies

After developing KST, I was often asked if it could help allergy sufferers. I’m happy to report that KST doctors have discovered a simple yet powerful way to help allergy sufferers break the allergy/symptom connection.


The analysis

First the patient is analyzed and adjusted so they are free of subluxations in neutral posture (i.e. lying on a table). Now put the patient in the allergy posture of subluxation.

How do you do that? It is rather simple to do. First, have the patient think of the allergy. While they are thinking of the allergy, the body will subluxate. Now they are in the allergy POS.

KST is a quick and accurate method of analysis utilizing a bio-indicator. Bio-indicators, used in Applied Kinesiology, DNFT/Activator/Truscott, Body Talk, Toftness and other healthcare modalities, are physiological responses to stressors. In KST, the bio-indicator we prefer is the occipital/mastoid drop (OD) because there is no patient muscle fatigue and there are no posture restrictions—you can test a patient in nearly any posture.

While the patient is thinking of the allergy, the practitioner will find that their subluxation-free patient is suddenly subluxated again! They will have a positive OD (biofeedback) and will be “locked up” or subluxated. In most cases, the subluxations are best accessed in the cranials.

Let’s say you have the patient think of their cat allergy. While they are in their “cat allergy” state of mind, their body will subluxate.


Now the correction

As the patient is thinking of the cat (allergen), the subluxations are adjusted. I like to use an adjusting instrument, as this permits the patient to stay in one position so the force/energy/information (adjustment) can be directed specifically.

Next, ask the patient to think of the allergen again. There should be no OD. If there is an OD, go through the analysis and adjustment again. You may have missed something.

Are you finished?

Not quite.

Now ask the patient to think about the allergy from a different angle. Tell the patient, “Imagine holding a cat.” Then test for an OD. If you get a positive response, analyze and adjust.

Please realize that we are not using the actual physical allergen to elicit this reaction (although we could do that as well); we are using the mental/emotional POS of the allergy.

Try other statements to defuse the allergy. Tell the patient to imagine how their symptoms feel when they have an allergic reaction. Have them think of petting a cat; have them think of the age they first experienced the allergy; have them think of the emotional stress that occurs when they have the allergy. Tell them to imagine breathing the allergen. Tell them to imagine clear sinuses.

Go through a number of these exercises until you simply can’t elicit an OD from the patient.


That’s it

It’s that simple. KST doctors are reporting very good results using this procedure.


What exactly are we doing?

As with other allergy elimination protocols, we appear to be breaking a psycho-neuro-immunological reflex that caused the patient to overreact to an allergen.

DD Palmer said that the causes of subluxations are emotions (auto-suggestion), toxins and trauma. With KST we are adjusting a patient when they are in the toxin (allergy) “posture of subluxation” or POS.

Using KST procedures, chiropractors can easily and quickly locate and correct subluxations as they reveal themselves in any posture—physical, emotional or chemical.

In Part Five, we’ll discuss the POS as it relates to weight loss, smoking, dyslexia and bad habits.

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