Advanced Management for Chiropractors, AMC announces Free CE Academy

Tom Owen, President of AMC says “Our members kept asking for us to design a relevant, engaging applicable CE course, so in 2014 we are pleased to introduce the AMC Free CE Academy”

January 2014– Why is AMC doing a free CE course? AMC is committed to preserving the true philosophy of chiropractic and improving the image of the profession. After working with tens of thousands of chiropractors over the years AMC decided to answer a need in the industry, designing and executing a Continuing Education course that would give doctors relevant content in an engaging presentation that could then immediately be applied to their practices. How did AMC accomplish this? The course was designed by chiropractors, for chiropractors to be used in chiropractic practices.

Dr. Bill Kriva, AMC Midwest Director and one of the course designers and instructors said “after years and years of attending CE courses so dry and boring that it felt like I was getting my teeth drilled with no Novocain, I knew there had to be another way. We all have to get the hours in but, after sitting through a weekend of courses, if there is nothing I can apply in the office on Monday morning what good was the time spent in class?” AMC had heard this countless times through the years and at the urging of Dr. Kriva and others AMC decided that 2014 would be the year they would offer a class.

The course is titled “Chiropractic Management of Visceral Conditions” it will help eliminate a general lack of understanding within the chiropractic profession regarding the scientific evidence, as well as the clinical protocols, that support chiropractic as an option for the management of visceral conditions. This course is designed to increase both the competence and the confidence of the chiropractor with respect to managing the visceral conditions of their patients. The course will be offered 11 times in 2014 in cities all across the country. AMC receives no payment for the 12 CE’s. AMC is providing them free to the profession. The weekend also includes a special explosive marketing event on how to get 100 New Patients in 100 Days and more importantly how to keep them while unlocking your practice’s full potential. Get a complete listing of cities by logging on now to

The mission of AMC Free CE Academy is to empower chiropractors through research, education, and unparalleled presentations to improve the lives of their patients and the health of their communities. All course credits are approved in host states and are accredited by Sherman College.


For more information go to, attendees must pre-register, space is limited and filling up fast.

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