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:dropcap_open:I:dropcap_close:n the movie Anger Management, Jack Nicholson, the eccentric doctor, describes two forms of anger: the explosive and the implosive. Adam Sandler plays the patient that has the hidden implosive anger. The traditional medical options to address anger are not to correct the condition. The present conventional medical methodologies only help patients recognize anger and try to dance with it more gracefully. In a sense, we learn to dance with the devil better. Learning to dance with a disease may help us live with the condition better, but it also creates a more intimate attachment with the condition as our partner in life. The closer we attach our identity as a person with a disease, the more difficult it is to actually correct the condition.

The basic principle here is the body does what the brain tells it to do. Whenever my patients say, “my allergies,” “my sciatica,” or “I’m angry,” I gently share with them how important our words are and what we are saying to ourselves. To help my patients attain and maintain a higher level of health and life, I teach them about the power of our words and how we see ourselves. By saying, “my arthritis,” or “I’m angry,” we are identifying the disease with ourselves. It’s like saying, “I’m a failure,” or “I’m a loser.” These principles are true in every aspect of life. Can you imagine a sports team chanting together, “We are losers, yea!” or a business teaching its employees to say, “We are a sick or dysfunctional company”? Our health is no exception to these proven principles of life!

The other medical option is psychoactive drugs, sometimes called “happy pills.” This approach is being more widely applied for the more instant effects on the body, at least for a while. The problems are the temporary effects they have on the body as well as the continued use to further drain the already deficient neurotransmitters and nutrients, leaving the patient with a deeper, more difficult problem. Although this approach may be helpful for the short term, the long-term effects can be devastating. The underlying causes or dysfunctions must, ultimately, be addressed. Where are the interferences that are causing these dysfunctions?

Homeopathy, like chiropractic, works bio-energetically to correct interferences within the body that control and coordinate our normal healthy functions. Homeopathy helps correct nerve interferences throughout the brain and periphery of the body, where the hands of the chiropractor cannot, thus, empowering the chiropractor to be a doctor of the whole nervous system, helping complete our destiny as chiropractors.

Homeopathy has accumulated the most comprehensive research in the realm of natural care and cure for mental and emotional conditions. More than 200 years of very unique and complete research, called provings, are confirmed clinically for safety and efficacy. Homeopathy offers key cures to the broad arena of mental and emotional issues. By recording the detailed mental and emotional issues that humans have expressed in relation to our intimate connections with the many substances in our world, we now have an unparalleled ability to proactively correct these many issues within ourselves.

Homeopathy has discovered and developed remedies for over 100 specific expressions of anger. New contemporary applications of homeopathy have categorized this once complex and elusive healing art into an easy-to-use system. By applying streamlined therapeutic approaches, we can address the greater majority of anger issues in our society.

Our most effective results have come from creating highly potentized combinations of deep-acting homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy oils and flower essences from around the globe (Bach/English, American, Australian, etc.). All three of these remarkable healing arts, when homeopathically potentized, have provided the most comprehensive natural approach for the healing and restoration of our mental and emotional states.

The multiple potency approach is essential to more completely impact the individual at every level, providing the greatest good therapeutically. A broad spectrum of X potencies, 1M potency and, especially, the LM potencies, have provided the greatest results, including the highest percentage of results, percentage of cures, speed of response, and gentleness of results (minimum of healing reactions, retracing or crises).

Traditionally, in homeopathy, the mental and emotional symptoms are keynote symptoms that are measured as most important in finding the correct remedy to help the whole person at every level of life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The mental and emotional formulations have been the key to correcting some of the most resistant or difficult physical cases.

Although these approaches are highly effective and essential for the enhancement of our mental and emotional health, they do not fully negate, but rather assist us, in our powers of choice, responsibility, and accountability in life.  Homeopathic mental and emotional formulas should always be considered to better help the whole person and more efficiently correct even general chronic resistant and recurring cases.

Anger Categories: Boiled down to their simplest common ­denominators

Physical Anger–rage, physically violent tendencies, volatile temper

Easily Angered–impatience, irritability, quickness to anger, discontent

Stubborn & Contentious Anger–disputatious, defiant temperament, stubbornness, irritability

Mood Changes–from extreme joy to sadness; manic-depressive, bipolar tendencies
Vindictive Anger–vindictiveness, resentfulness, contempt, excessive irritability, cruelty

Personality Shifts Anger–confused personal identity, split personality, maniacal impulses, absence of restraint, excessive irritability, impulsive desire to harm oneself & others

Verbal Anger–verbally abusive; curses, swears, uses violent language, scolds, insults, yells & screams, is insolent, rude &/or derogatory

Self Abuse Anger–internalized anger, self-contempt & blame, dissatisfaction with life, violent thoughts/actions, depression, self-inflicted violence

Criticize & Contradict Anger–fault-finding, insulting, censorious, taking everything amiss, complaining about others

Frank J. King Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy, and the founder and director of King Bio Homeopathics, a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Dr. King offers ongoing  CE seminars and a free copy of his turnkey procedural manual, which can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line. Call 800-543-3245, or email [email protected].

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