Asthma and Homeopathy

“In all times, the old school physicians…have sought to combat and, if possible, to suppress by medicines…a single symptom from among a number in diseases…by it, not only was nothing gained, but much harm was inflicted. A single one of the symptoms present is no more the disease itself than a foot is the man himself.” – Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. (1755 – 1843) “Organon of Medicine”

:dropcap_open:D:dropcap_close:r. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, died before D.D. Palmer was born, but the two shared common views of healing. D.D. Palmer (1845 – 1913) stated, “Disease is the abnormal performance of certain functions; the abnormal activity has its causes.” 
asthma14Both men understood the shortcomings of the conventional practice of medicine of their times. They both recognized the essential concept of working with nature, and the value of not suppressing symptoms the body was expressing. 
Symptoms are the language of the body. Symptoms alert us that all is not well. If we interpret those symptoms correctly, they point us to the proper homeopathic remedy that can restore balance quickly and more permanently than other holistic methods I have experienced in my 30-plus years of integrative practice. In my view, the body is meant to express perfect health, and we health practitioners are facilitators and educators who help others realize that. Homeopathy helps us express our highest health potential. We are designed to be healthy, live healthy, and even to die healthy.
In this article, I will present the facts surrounding the differences in suppressive drug therapy for asthma and the results homeopathy has produced.  
Asthma – a growing health concern
Asthma is the label we attach to this frightening symptomatic picture: difficult breathing, wheezing, coughing, tightness in chest, and inflammation and temporary narrowing of the airways that transport air from the nose and mouth to the lungs. 
This inability to breathe causes overwhelming feelings of panic, both for the one experiencing it as well as anyone witnessing it. A parent rushing his or her blue, oxygen-deprived, asthmatic baby or child to the hospital is an all-too-frequent occurrence. 

In the U.S., approximately 23 million people have been diagnosed with asthma, with at least 6.8 million of them children under the age of 18.
One-third of all childhood hospitalizations are due to asthma, and in 1995 severe asthma attacks resulted in 5,637 deaths. Globally, some 235 million people suffer from asthma. The statistics show an alarming trend: the numbers continue to rise, especially in children. 
Conventional medicine believes asthma has a strong genetic component, and teaches that there is no cure for asthma. Medical doctors generally treat asthma symptoms with inhalers and increasingly stronger steroidal drugs. Some of the negative side effects include nervousness, racing heart palpitations, anxiety, and heart attacks. These drugs are suppressive in nature. They do not claim to cure the disease, just to manage it.
Expression vs. Suppression
“Life is but the expression of spirit through matter. To make life manifest requires the union of spirit and body.” – D.D. Palmer 
The “Nature Cure” doctors observed certain things when chemical drugs became popular more than 150 years ago. They observed a phenomena they called suppression of symptoms. Their theory was that even though the symptoms of a disease may disappear after the use of strong chemical drugs, it did not mean the causes of the symptoms were cured. To the contrary, they observed the disease seemed to go “deeper” into the system, only to surface in more serious chronic conditions later. Often, those suppressive therapies seemed to drive the disorder deeper to the lungs.
:dropcap_open:One-third of all child-hood hospitalizations are due to asthma, and in 1995 severe asthma attacks resulted in 5,637 deaths.:quoteleft_close: 
Constantine Hering, M.D. (1800 – 1880) was called the father of American homeopathy. He observed that symptoms that were once suppressed with allopathic drugs, and then treated by natural methods once a chronic condition had manifested, went through a predictable pattern before true healing took place. 
His teachings on the topic became known as “Hering’s Law of Cure.” He taught that with true natural healing, symptoms that had been previously suppressed and were ready to be expressed (brought out and eliminated), the predictable pattern marked how the treatment was progressing. The process was from the head down, from the inside out, and in the reverse order as the symptoms appeared or were suppressed. 
The reversal process, when uncomfortable for the patient, is referred to as a “healing crisis,” and a skilled practitioner is invaluable for guiding a patient through it.

Asthma and suppression therapy 
Asthma sufferers often become psychologically dependent on their inhalers, because the thought of having an attack without one is so frightening. They consider it their lifeline.  
Using inhalers or steroids long-term for asthma symptoms, while they can be life-saving if a patient or practitioner doesn’t know any other options, can be as dangerous as the disease itself.
After time on these drugs, many asthma sufferers (just like athletes on steroids) die from their hearts becoming enlarged, as a negative side effect of the very drugs they are using to manage the disease! 

I feel this is a case of the medical profession “barking up the wrong tree.”  
It doesn’t have to be this way. Homeopathy offers a safe alternative, and because it is nontoxic, it can be used in conjunction with other medications without fear of negative side effects. In more than 200 years of clinical use worldwide, homeopathy has had no recorded negative side effects, no contraindications, and no known negative drug interactions. 
A holistic approach to asthma
A well-formulated, homeopathic asthma product can quickly provide results in approximately 50 percent of cases. Since homeopathy, like chiropractic, does not suppress symptoms but corrects underlying causes, look at homeopathic products to address the following. 
The three most common potential underlying factors to complement asthma treatment are:
  1. Allergies – to mold, chemicals, foods (particularly dairy and wheat), and pollens
  2. Candida – overgrowth causes excess mucus and allergy sensitivity 
  3. Stress – always lowers the immune response, increasing susceptibility
Homeopathy has proven very effective in balancing all of these factors, including asthma symptoms. 
I have found the most success through the years with homeopathy that uses multiple ingredients in multiple high potencies. This approach seems to allow the body to use exactly what it needs from the formula, with a vastly reduced chance of uncomfortable “healing reactions.” 
With homeopathy, the patient doesn’t have to give up their “security blanket” of the inhaler. If relief is not felt quickly enough from the homeopathy alone, the inhaler may be used as well. In my experience, homeopathy has worked just as fast, and without the negative side effects of nervousness and racing heart. Over time, the homeopathy seems to reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. 
Samuel Hahnemann and D.D. Palmer had a great deal in common. They were both pioneers and fervent believers in the innate ability of the body to heal, once its interferences were corrected.
With proper correction, people can be restored to the health they were destined to express. 
I feel chiropractic and homeopathy are two powerful and complementary tools to target the correction of interference in our energetic control networks. Homeopathy works to energetically correct nerve interferences throughout the body, where the hands of the chiropractor cannot reach. 
The two disciplines together best help us be doctors of the whole nervous system and safely and effectively broaden our scope of practice with great results.
Frank J. King, Jr., N.D., D.C., is a nationally recognized researcher, author and lecturer on homeopathy. In addition, Dr. King is the founder and director of King Bio, an FDA registered homeopathic manufacturing company dedicated to completing chiropractic destiny with the marriage of homeopathy. These procedures can be used with any homeopathic company’s product line and are so easy you can apply them in one day. Call King Bio, Asheville, NC, at 1-800-543-3245 or email [email protected].

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