Biofreeze® Web-based Referral and Sampling Program Drives New Patients

“We are very excited to introduce the newest element of our Biofreeze® sampling program, the extremely successful program that supports practitioners in bringing new patients through their door,” stated Ethan Pochman, Vice President, US Clinical, Performance Health. “With our new online sampling application, we accept consumer requests for free Biofreeze samples and provide those requests to practitioners in the consumer’s area. This creates an opportunity for the practitioner to introduce both Biofreeze and their practice to someone looking for pain relief; someone likely to become a new patient.”

biofreeze-sample-cardTo participate in the program, practitioners need to enroll in the Biofreeze Where-to-Buy Referral Service at and order a supply of free Biofreeze samples.

With this newest Biofreeze sample request application, registered practitioners can inexpensively yet efficiently expand their marketing efforts. The practitioner is provided with the consumer’s name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail address. They put together a simple envelope with the free sample that has been customized for their practice and some great information about their practice. Now they have a very low cost, yet very targeted marketing piece and have started a conversation with a potential patient, someone who has already indicated a need for pain relief by requesting a free Biofreeze sample.

“As the number one topical analgesic, we receive the kind of web traffic that can create hundreds of leads a month for a single practitioner,” concluded Pochman. “We know practitioners are excited about new patients so we encourage them to call 800-Biofreeze. We will explain everything they need so that they can start to take advantage of this program and bring potential new patients to their door.”

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