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bioset_logoBioSET™ (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is a modern healing system that combines the ancient science of acupuncture and the body’s meridian system and 21st century electromagnetic technology and computer software for the diagnosis of food and environmental allergies, chemical sensitivities, toxicity, and weakness of organ systems. Developed over the last 25 years, this desensitization protocol has had great success in the elimination of sensitivities to these substances, which have been shown to contribute to chronic health problems.

The BioSET system consists of three essential components based on electromagnetic testing with a computerized electro-acupuncture device for acupuncture meridian sensitivity testing.

1. Specific organ detoxification using individually biocompatible homeopathic remedies to enhance decomposition and drainage of toxins from organ systems.

2. The use of individualized digestive and systemic full spectrum vegetarian enzyme blends to enhance digestion, allow proper nutrient absorption and repair and maintain the immune system by decreasing the CIC (circulating immune complexes) caused by undigested food, which escapes through  the gut into the blood stream.

3. A non-invasive, safe, natural desensitization technique that often permanently eliminates food and environmental allergies and sensitivities.
BioSET was developed upon the scientific foundations of immunology, enzyme therapy, nutrition, chiropractic, and neurology. Over the last decade, many different types of health practitioners have been trained in BioSET, including chiropractors, medical doctors, clinical nutritionists, acupuncturists, and dentists. Before examining the three components of BioSET more closely, it is helpful to take a look at the historical foundation of electromagnetic testing and bioresonance.

What Is the Scientific Basis of BioSET?
A Historical Perspective

There are many functional tools available today that measure the energetic integrity of the body. While I have studied many of them over the past 25 years, the BioSET method relies predominantly upon the research of Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German medical doctor and dentist who developed the first electro-diagnostic system that could measure galvanic skin responses through acupuncture points to identify imbalances in specific organs, glands, and tissues of the body.

In 1952, Dr. Voll confirmed and validated the existence of acupuncture meridians and discovered specific points on these meridians that have greater energetic charges than others.  Over the next 27 years, Voll mapped the connection between specific acupuncture points and specific organs, systems, and physiological functions. His research on these acupuncture points and meridians was conducted using an instrument called the electroacupuncture according to Voll or EAV.  Since these types of devices measure electrical charges at certain points on the skin, they are also known as electrodermal screening devices or EDS.

The EAV was designed to evaluate the health and correct flow of these acupuncture meridians and the corresponding health and function of the organs and tissues to which they are related.  EAV units are based on the principle of energetic or electromagnetic meridians and evaluate imbalances in these meridians and the associated organs. Dr. Voll correctly postulated that EAV could not only detect the lower resistance at acupuncture points, but could also be used for diagnostic purposes to measure changes in the biological electromagnetic energy that corresponds to physiological alterations that precede disease processes.  Ongoing research has shown that electrical activity at acupuncture points exhibits changes long before pathology appears in the cells and tissues.

For all of these reasons, EAV is a fast, accurate, and objective reporting tool that assists in determining what major systems and organs of the body are stressed or weakened, and what remedies can support and balance the body.

Electromagnetic Testing

In the BioSET system, we utilize EAV instrumentation for diagnosis, health evaluation, and as a guide for finding appropriate therapies. We have found that a person’s potential reaction to a product (food, environmental toxin, pathogenic bacteria, and/or virus), as well as any possible enzyme deficiencies can be evaluated and profiled on this instrument accurately, at a fraction of the cost of other testing.

Many other doctors who have committed themselves to the study of energetic medicine have found that substances have individual energy signatures consisting of frequencies, waveforms, and energy levels. The body reacts to these energy signatures as it would react to the actual product. One of the benefits of this kind of testing is that actual consumption of the substance is not required for analysis, thus avoiding adverse reactions. Instead, an individual can be tested against the real product or an analogue signature of the product’s bioenergetic pattern (electromagnetic, frequency, lightwave, and sound wave). 

What Disease Processes
Can BioSET Help Diagnose and Treat?

These principles have enabled us to design groundbreaking medical software to evaluate toxicity, enzyme deficiency, digestive intolerances, and allergies, which comprise BioSET. We have developed protocols, based on the principles of EAV testing, energetic evaluation, toxicity, enzyme therapy and diet, for many of the chronic health problems practitioners encounter today in their practices. Some of the protocols written into the BioSET software include protocols designed to diagnose:

• ADHD and autism
• Cardiovascular problems
• Female problems such as premenstrual syndrome and menopause
• Thyroid, adrenal and pituitary conditions as well as obesity and weight management
• Complete food, environmental, allergy testing
• Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
• Asthma and sinusitis
• Colitis, irritable bowel, gastritis and reflux
• Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and Hashimotos thyroiditis
• Filters and teeth evaluation

Specific Organ Detoxification:
The First Component of BioSET

Detoxification involves the conversion of toxic substances into non-toxic metabolites. This process biochemically transforms toxins into progressively more water-soluable substances through a series of chemical reactions, making them easier for the body to excrete. The two primary organs responsible for this elimination of toxins are the liver and the intestines.

To accomplish this purpose, the BioSET system uses homeopathic remedies to enhance detoxification and the drainage of toxins gently, without the uncomfortable side-effects of exhaustion, headaches, and other types of physical distress that sometimes accompany certain detoxification programs. Increasing water intake for enhanced elimination of toxins is an important component of this protocol.

Enzyme Therapy:
The Second Component of BioSET

Digestive enzymes are essential for the proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Digestion of food begins in the mouth with an enzyme called ptyalin. As food is moved through the digestive system, it is broken down by many other enzymes found in the stomach and in the gut. In essence, enzymes increase the speed and efficiency of biochemical reactions that break down food into components our cells can use for fuel and repair.
If our nutritional programs were perfect and all of our food organic, free of toxins and pesticides, and consumed raw, we might not need additional digestive enzymes; but this is not often the case. Enzyme levels also decrease as we age.

A personalized enzyme supplementation protocol aids digestion in many ways. It assists in the predigestion of foods, decreases stress on digestive organs, improves nutrient absorption, and improves the movement of food through the gut for proper elimination of waste products.

Digestive enzymes can also decrease the potential allergenic response of many foods. When used in conjunction with the other components of the BioSET system, enzyme therapy eliminates food sensitivities and helps to strengthen immune function.

Desensitization: The Third Component of BioSET

The final component of BioSET therapy is a non-invasive, natural desensitization technique that we have developed. In the majority of patients, this protocol can often permanently eliminate food and environmental allergies and sensitivities. The BioSET Desensitization Technique can be used to treat any substance to which a person has an allergy. This includes not only foods, but environmental allergies such as pollen and toxins as well.

Here is how this procedure works. First, the patient is “connected” into a virtual electromagnetic circuit with the EAV and the allergen, while the practitioner gently taps acupuncture points up and down the spine. This balances key acupuncture meridians that, in turn, have a balancing influence upon the autonomic nervous system, thereby desensitizing the person’s body to the allergen. The complex physiologic and neurological mechanisms by which this occurs is beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, the successful clinical results of this procedure have been proven through thousands of patients over the course of the development of the BioSET system of healing.

A Typical BioSET™ Treatment Protocol

Before his or her first appointment, a patient is asked to fast for 6 hours so that the practitioner is able to perform a fasting enzyme evaluation to measure digestive and metabolic deficiencies, and to evaluate the need for specific enzyme supplementation. During the initial evaluation, the practitioner will also test for specific imbalances in acupuncture meridians, using the EAV. Since these meridians correspond to different organs, if an imbalance is detected, a homeopathic remedy or enzyme is given to balance the meridian.

Finally, the patient will be tested for specific sensitivities to amino acids, minerals, vitamins, sugars, viruses, molds, parasites, and numerous foods. While all sensitivities cannot be “cleared” during the first visit, the practitioner can clear one specific sensitivity. The doctor will give the patient healthy dietary and lifestyle recommendations either on this visit or during the follow-up visit.

The initial evaluation takes about 90 minutes.

At each follow-up visit, the practitioner will eliminate another specific sensitivity to an allergen. While sensitivities could be eliminated as frequently as every two hours, this is usually done on subsequent days. During each follow-up visit, additional sensitivities to various environmental allergens are uncovered and eliminated.

After a BioSET desensitization session, the patient does not have a time period during which they must avoid the food or substance to which they are allergic. In most cases, the effect is immediate. A person can be exposed to a previous allergen and have no reaction whatsoever.

Each follow-up desensitization treatment takes about 30 minutes.

How Many BioSET™
Treatments Are Required?

After the initial evaluation, it usually takes only one session to clear a specific sensitivity to an allergen. However, specific desensitization protocols, deeper levels of detoxification and energy balancing are recommended for chronic health conditions. A certified BioSET practitioner is well versed in these protocols. Depending on the health of the individual and the state of imbalance in the immune system, detoxification deficits, and the amount of sensitivities detected, the number of recommended treatments varies greatly. Some people may require only a few treatments; others may require 6 to 12 sessions to eliminate allergic responses to multiple allergens; and some people with many health challenges and sensitivities may require significantly more.

Fortunately, there tends to be a cumulative effect with each desensitization treatment. During each successive session, other sensitivities are often uncovered and relieved or eliminated.

The BioSET Advantage:

As previously explained, each allergen or substance has a unique and specific resonant energy signal. And every individual reacts to that signal (via the various meridians of the human body) in an individualized manner, as profiled on the EAV instrument and BioSET Professional Software (a proprietary software system developed by BioSET).

The bioresonance device, in combination with the BioSET system, can recognize a resistance or dissonance and then reverse the resonant energy. This “reprograms” an allergen response through the acupuncture meridians and nervous system. This new energy pattern then becomes a permanent memory of the individual’s energy system.

This device is also thought to take the body’s own electromagnetic signals, alter them and then feed them back into the body. Feeding this altered signal back into the body cancels out the pathological electronic information coming from viruses, bacteria, chemical toxins, and food and environmental sensitivities.  This enables the cells of the body to start pushing out and eliminating these disease-causing factors.

In this manner, the root causes of disease are removed from the body and healing can take place. Clinical symptoms are alleviated and a patient’s tolerance to the specific allergen can be seen immediately. Testing on the EAV machine or via kinesiological testing can verify this change.  Many so-called permanent sensitivities can be reversed and as many chronic health problems resolved.

Energetic Medicine is the healing tool of the future. The information it gives us can help repair the underlying stress that is at the root of chronic health disorders.

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Dr. Ellen W. Cutler is one of the leading authorities on enzyme therapy and the founder of BioSET. Author of The Food Allergy Cure and MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes, among other books, Dr. Cutler resides in Marin County, California. When seeking a practitioner specifically trained in this methodology, carefully inquire as to whether they have had actual training in BioSET. A list of certified practitioners across the country is listed on BioSET™ Institute’s website  Phone 877-927-0741.

BioSET™ is a registered trademark of BioSET™ Incorporated.

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