Biotics Research Launches Detox Challenge with Hawaiian Vacation Grand Prize

Rosenberg, TX – March 6th, 2014 – Biotics Research Corporation, the industry leader in the development of superior, gluten-free nutritional supplements, has just launched its Detox Challenge utilizing its 10-Day BioDetox Kit to motivate its healthcare practitioner customers to spring clean their patients’ bodies.

“For most people, winter is a more sedentary time, which leads to greater toxin build-up in the body.  The arrival of spring provides an optimal time to detoxify the body by using a comprehensive detoxification program,” explained Denis DeLuca, President of Biotics Research.  “We’re excited to welcome spring by launching our 2014 detox challenge using our 10-Day BioDetox Kit.  The challenge gives our healthcare providers the opportunity to help their patients renew their health and energy that was suppressed by the toll winter takes on the body while also having the opportunity to win a trip for two to Hawaii!”

Biotics Research developed its 10-Day BioDetox Kit to help its healthcare practitioner customers achieve a common goal with their patients:  to restore balance and homeostasis and to treat the underlying causes of pain, inflammation, and chronic health issues.  The 10-Day BioDetox Kit supports three stages of detoxification – decreasing inflammation, metabolic cleansing, and regeneration and repair.

The detox challenge runs from March 3rd, 2014, to April 30th, 2014, and substantial prizes are at stake for the winners:

*   First place will receive a trip for two to Hawaii
*   Second place will receive a 16GB iPad Air with retina display
*   Third place will receive a 10-Day BioDetox Kit
*   Fourth place will receive a $100 Biotics Research gift certificate

There are several ways to earn entries to the contest:

*   One entry for each 10-Day BioDetox Kit purchased by practitioners and their patients
*   One entry for each live webinar practitioners attend for all three stages of the detox program
*   One entry for submitting the practitioner’s own Health Assessment Questionnaire before and after the detox program
*   One entry for submitting a testimonial

Visit to enter!

“We look forward to hearing about the positive impact our 10-Day BioDetox Kit has on empowering patients to improve their health, well-being, and vitality,” added Denis.

To learn more about Biotics Research Corporation, its gluten-free catalog of supplements, and its 10-Day BioDetox Kit, please visit or download the Biotics Research Mobile App at the Apple® App Store or Google® Play Store.

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