Breakthrough Pre-Adjustment Technique to Fully Activate Innate and De-stress the Body

Can you imagine having a fuller understanding of why adjustments hold or don’t hold and a more accurate description of why innate’s powerful influence on healing in the organism may be inhibited? The key to unlocking multiple channels of innate intelligence is related to adrenal gland physiology and the body’s ability to store, maintain and balance coherent energy.

Yin and Yang Influences on Adjustments

Homeostatic systems of the body involve self-correcting and self-balancing energetic feedback loops that are dependent on the balance of the polarities of yang and yin or of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems (adrenergic and cholinergic). A reduced flow of innate commonly starts at the sacrum, a sensitive register to stress and the locus of powerful meridians. In acupuncture-energetic physiology, the polarities of the governing vessel-GV (posterior) and the conception vessel-CV (anterior) meridians via the adrenals exert 90% control on how innate integrates and distributes healing energy throughout the body.

Causes of Allergic and Inflammatory Disorders

The adrenal-kidney yang influence on the CV and GV meridians and free flow of liver energy explains why many patients with hypoadrenia don’t hold adjustments or are extremely difficult to adjust in the cervical and thoracic spine. The adrenals extend their defensive armor against stressors (including toxic chemicals and chaotic frequencies) into the energetic system of the body, whereby the musculature of the chest and upper back (pericardium energetic zone) becomes chronically constricted.

Since hypoadrenia causes chronic and prolonged infection and unwanted inflammation (root causes of cardiovascular and many degenerative diseases) and has a powerful influence on the flow of innate healing energies, a pre-adjustment technique to activate the full range of innate healing is highly desirable. Hypoadrenia causes excessive or stagnant energy to build up in the liver, thereby inhibiting enzymatic detoxification and steroidogenesis (the formation of hormones) and triggering a wide spectrum of allergic and pro-inflammatory disorders.

The daily stresses that wear down the adrenals and our physical and emotional constitution are compensated by GV and CV “safety energy circuits” located in the sacrum and cranium. Functioning as circuit breakers, they protect the body and activate innate healing against the damage caused by stressors. Vertebrae subluxations can be viewed as the consequence of sacral subluxations or brain interferences caused by an overload of these protective circuits.

The Quantum Repatterning Technique™ (QRT) utilizes a simple and fast 10-minute pre-adjustment Sacral-Cranial Balancing protocol that acts as a jumper cable to restart the flow of energy through the GV and CV “broken circuits” and relax sacral muscles and ligaments, so that sacral adjustments are made with ease and without force. Once the sacrum is balanced, increasing muscle flexibility allows adjustments to really open up the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.

This pre-adjustment technique is based on decades of research in brain-organ proprioception, electro acupuncture, and chiropractic. D.D. Palmer, George Goodheart, M.T. Morter and others viewed sacral and brain interferences as the primary sources of nerve interference.  In just ten minutes, this amazing technique allows the muscles of the pelvis and neck to relax,with hypertonic and hyportonic “left-right” discrepancies realigned. Commonly, the patient reports a rapid, pulsating release of stagnant energy and dramatic improvements in the flexibility and range of motion of the sacrum and the entire spine. As one patient noted, “It’s stress without distress!”  This amazing resilience to stress is a result of a balanced body with balanced hormones from the adrenal-guided process of steroidogenesis.

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