Chiropractic Doctor Head of Health Sciences Division at University and Oversees Six Colleges, Schools and Institutes

Bridgeport Connecticut, March 20, 2011

David M. Brady DC, ND, CCN, DACBN was named Vice Provost of The Division of Health Sciences at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut in June of 2008. He represents the first, and only, doctor of chiropractic to rise to the level of senior administration within a comprehensive university system worldwide. He has been at U.B. for the past 14 years, serving as an Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences in the College of Chiropractic and College of Naturopathic Medicine for the first seven years, as the Director of the Human Nutrition Institute for the past seven, and Vice Provost of the Division of Health Sciences for the past three.


Dr. Brady’s position has evolved over the past three years he has come to oversee the operations of six different colleges, schools and institutes within the University, as well as the UB Clinics public health care facilities. These academic programs encompassing a broad range of professional health science disciplines, including the College of Chiropractic, College of Naturopathic Medicine, Human Nutrition Institute, Acupuncture Institute, Physician Assistant Institute, and the Fones School of Dental Hygiene. Dr. Brady, who has been trained as a chiropractic physician, a naturopathic physician, and a clinical nutritionist, uses the perspective he has gained from his multiple professional backgrounds to effectively guide the University’s programs in chiropractic, medical, naturopathic, dental, nutrition, and acupuncture training.


It was under Dr. Brady’s leadership that the University struck a strategic alliance with St. Vincent’s Medical Center, a comprehensive teaching hospital in the city of Bridgeport, to develop the new UB Physician Assistant Institute. This is the first PA program in the world to have an integrative medicine component weaved throughout the curriculum. The UB-St. Vincent’s collaboration has also resulted in clinical rotations within the hospital system for chiropractic and naturopathic medicine students. Under Dr. Brady’s leadership the University of Bridgeport also struck a collaboration arrangement with the University of Connecticut (UConn); the first such agreement in the State of Connecticut between a public and a private university.


Although Dr. Brady’s responsibilities include many disciplines within the University, the collaborative and integrative approach to patient care amongst the various health care disciplines has enabled chiropractic, as well as the other professions, to promote more informed and inclusive patient care. His vision of collaborative care is benefitting patients worldwide as the University of Bridgeport professional students work within the hospital systems he has fostered locally and then graduate to take this approach to patients they care for worldwide.

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