Chiropractic Goes To The Biggest Sporting Event in the WORLD!!!

Today marks the inauguration of the largest sporting event in the World, The World Cup, where over 1 Billion spectators will watch their countries participate in this globally unifying event, which is being held in Brazil.ItaliaDCFinal

Dr. John Pietila, a chiropractor out of Richfield, Minnesota will be there first hand to provide treatment to one of the favorites to win the tournament, the Italian team, better known as “Italia Azzurri”.

We wish Dr. Pietila and the Azzurri well in hopes that this sparks awareness to the necessity of Chiropractic on even the highest levels of competition.

Doctors of Chiropractic Object to “Gut and Amend” Legislation to Drastically Change California’s Workers’ Compensation System at Expense of Injured Workers Seeking Quality, Cost-Efficient Care

Proposed Changes Rushed Without Proper Vetting
(Sacramento, CA)  –  The California Chiropractic Association (CCA) objects to the state Legislature trying to fast-track a controversial workers’ compensation deal through the waning days of the session, knowing the proposed changes would lead to unreasonable denials of cost-effective treatment for Californians injured on the job.
“The proposed changes to California’s workers’ compensation system will increase permanent disability benefits for some injured workers at the expense of those who need immediate care,” said Kenneth Winer, DC, chair of CCA governmental affairs department.  “Only a small minority of permanently injured workers will gain under the changes that are being discussed while many injured workers will be forfeiting  control of their medical treatment and their right to have care managed by doctor of chiropractic.”
calchiroassoclogoCCA calls for the Legislature to review workers’ compensation proposals next year in full legislative hearings, rather than trying to use “gut and amend” tactics – where one bill is entirely gutted at the last minute and amended with, often, completely different language so  the replacement bill can be quickly passed with little or no public scrutiny or without having to go through the normal committee process.
“California’s Workers’ Compensation System is large and complex, and there is simply no rationale for attempting to move such a far-reaching piece of legislation in the remaining days and hours of this legislative session,” said Winer.  “The reason previous workers’ compensation reforms now require revision is because of unintended consequences, which resulted from failure of the parties involved to properly consider the ramifications of the effects of the reforms. Let’s not repeat those mistakes.”
CCA and its members are outraged that the current proposed “reform” package would eliminate the right for injured workers to select a doctor of chiropractic specialist as a Qualified Medical Examiner, and would prohibit a doctor of chiropractic  who has reached the 24-visit treatment cap from continuing to manage the patient’s care — even if the doctor is within the employer’s Medical Provider Network.
Doctors of chiropractic are trained and licensed to serve as primary care doctors. The treatment approaches used by doctors of chiropractic include diagnosis, manipulation of the spine and other joints; physiotherapy; dietary and nutritional counseling; exercise and rehabilitation, along with advice about ergonomics. The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the structure and the function of the body and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health. 
Doctors of chiropractic provide effective cost- efficient care without the use of drugs or invasive surgeries and should be in any health care system focused on prevention and wellness.  Some patients, such as firefighters and police officers need ongoing chiropractic care to stay on the job, but the cost for those visits is among the lowest charged by most health care providers.  In fact, data from recent Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) economic reports show cost increases in California’s workers’ compensation system actually stem from increased diagnostic testing and use of prescription drugs and addictive pain killers; which are not, in any way,  part of the doctor of chiropractic scope of practice.  
“Injured workers deserve the right to have a full debate and discussion about proposed changes to the system that regulates access to the care they need to get better, get back to work and stay on the job,” Winer said. “CCA and our members call on the Legislature and Gov. Brown to drop this dangerous and misguided effort to deal with workers’ comp through a late-session ‘gut and amend’ tactic.”
California Chiropractic Association is a Sacramento-based statewide, nonprofit organization of doctors of chiropractic and allied industries representing the chiropractic profession.  Established in 1928, CCA’s mission is to promote high standards of professionalism and patient care through education, advocacy and accountability.

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini Retirement Announcement

Parker announced today that Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is retiring from his position as President of Parker University and Parker Seminars. Dr. Mancini made this decision to allow for time to pursue other interests, including public speaking and media efforts to promote chiropractic and his recently published book, and future speaking and media opportunities to promote the health and wellness revolution he is so passionate about leading.parkerlogo

Under Dr. Mancini’s leadership, Parker University and Parker Seminars have grown and flourished well beyond any of the expectations held by the Parker Board of Trustees nearly 13 years ago. Since his appointment, the Parker brand has become synonymous with high-quality education and the foundational principles that define chiropractic today. Under his care, Parker has grown into one of the leading chiropractic institutions in the world, with nearly 6,500 alumni now proudly claiming Parker as their institution of choice. In addition to his impact on the university, Dr. Mancini has gladly accepted the role as one of the most influential leaders in the profession, appearing on television, the Parker Seminars stage, in print, as an author, a speaker, and any other opportunity he is given to spread the chiropractic message and raise awareness of the health benefits of regular care.

He leaves the university well-positioned for future growth, with new academic programs designed to compliment chiropractic ready for introduction in January 2013, a full class of incoming chiropractic students for the fall 2012 trimester, and a record setting crowd of attendees set to attend Parker Seminars Toronto next month.

Dr. Mancini will work with Parker through November 30, 2012, until a new president can be identified and hired. A presidential search committee has been formed by the Parker Board of Trustees to begin the search immediately. This transitional period will allow him to play a role in two major upcoming events: Parker Seminars Toronto (September 20-22) and Parker University Homecoming (October 26-28).

The Parker University Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mancini for his compassionate dedication to Parker and wish him well in his future endeavors. The board recognizes his impact on Parker and the chiropractic profession, an impact that will continue for many years to come.

Parker University

2540 Walnut Hill Lane

Dallas, TX 75229

Local Chiropractic Group launches SpineEffects, a Free Interactive Mobile App offering education on the importance of spinal health




April Neill, Director of Public Relations
Chiro One Wellness Centers
Cell: 815-651-0656
Office: 630-468-1824
[email protected]“>[email protected] 

Local Chiropractic Group launches SpineEffects, a Free Interactive Mobile App offering education on the importance of spinal health

Oak Brook, IL , August 6th, 2012 –Chiro One Wellness Centers, one of the Nation’s fastest growing Chiropractic Groups with 75 offices in Chicagoland, Kentucky and Texas today announced the availability of a new educational mobile application designed for iPhone, IPod Touch, iPad and Android smart phones and tablets.

The application, SpineEffects, is an interactive way to discover the phenomenon of the central nervous system and the critical importance of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. With this app, you can view the relationship between the 24 vertebrae in the human spine and the nerves that emanate from them. SpineEffects gives your fingertips the power to touch each individual vertebrae then visually display what parts of the body the nerves that exit from it affects and common conditions and possible symptoms associated with misalignment in that specific vertebrae. It also allows its users instant access to Chiropractors in the area that can provide spinal health exams and corrective care if necessary.

It is intended to raise awareness of the importance of spinal health by educating the public on how subluxation (a misalignment of any of the vertebrae in the spine), may cause devastating health challenges if left uncorrected.

Key Features of the app include:

-24/7 Access to functions and effects of the spine by body part.

-Detailed information about how Vertebrae are connected to body parts/organs/functions.

-Common Conditions and Symptoms associated with misalignments of the spine.

-3D video explaining, “What is Chiropractic?”

-Instant access to Chiropractors in your area and the ability the book an appointment online and get driving directions from your Tablet or Smart Phone.

SpineEffects is the convenient and easy way to learn about your spine functions and effects on your mobile device –anytime, anywhere.

To mark the launch of SpineEffects, Chiro One Wellness Centers is hosting a special, “Download & Share Your SpineEffects” Facebook promotion from August 20th through August 31st, raffling an I-Pad and an Android Tablet for the most downloads and shares on their Facebook wall. For details and contest rules, visit To enter promotion, find Chiro one on Facebook at

“Chiro One Wellness Centers is committed to our Vision ‘that every human being discovers their full potential,’” states Chief Marketing Officer, Brett Penager. “We realize that most people have no idea of the correlation between the spine and nervous system and their health. The release of the SpineEffects app is one more way that we can further the education necessary to allow people to choose and experience extraordinary health and wellness through holistic, safe and effective Chiropractic Care without the potential harmful side effects of drugs or surgery.”

SpineEffects for IOS and Android is free and available for immediate download. To unlock the power of your spine, visit the app store on your mobile device or tablet or visit our website at:

About Chiro One Wellness Centers
Chiro One Wellness Centers’ Vision is, “that every human being discovers their full potential.” Their Mission: Being leaders in developing extraordinary wellness for families and individuals by taking a stand for the well being of their communities through education and service. For more information, visit


LIFE Serves at U.S. Oylmpic Track & Field Trials

MARIETTA, GA. July 30, 2012. Four Life University chiropractic sport science students recently traveled to famed Hayward Field in Eugene, OR., to assist Olympic hopefuls competing in the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials in Track and Field (held June 21 through July 1).

lifeoringsStudents Oscar Adorno-Bruno (31), Gregory Busby (25), Michael Drzewieki (25) and Brandon Williams (29), who are dually enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic and Master of Sport Health Science programs, were responsible for staffing the Chiropractic and Massage station check-in in six-day shifts, facilitating athletes’ visits with care providers and occasionally assisting care providers with stretching protocols. They were accompanied by Sport Health Science associate professor Dr. Keith Rau. Rau, a licensed chiropractor who also served as a care provider during the 2010 U.S. National Championships and also during this event, received the invitation from event organizers in January and co-administered the application and selection process naming the four student volunteers.

Says Rau, “This was an incredible opportunity for deserving students to assist some of the world’s greatest athletes in what is arguably the preeminent track and field facility in the country, and to interact with and learn from the top sports chiropractors in the nation – doctors who are leading the field these students will enter.” The experience was structured as a for-credit course, and students accordingly collected data on chiropractic utilization by the athletes for a potential American Chiropractic Association Sports Council abstract entry.

Though the data has not yet been collated, Rau noted that the services in the Chiropractic and Massage station were far more utilized by athletes and their support teams than were the services available in the Medical tent – “sometimes 20 times more each day,” he says. Considering the popularity of chiropractic and massage care at the event, as well as the positive feedback Rau and the students received from athletic participants and care providers alike, it is clear that Life University and sport chiropractic are a welcome presence at the trials.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had a presence at that level of competition,” Rau says. “Combined with the number of [Life University] D.C. alumni who were there rendering care, we represented the school well. Our students were perceived as professional, hardworking, energetic and eager to learn. I see this as a bridge-building opportunity, connecting Life University with athletes, sports chiropractors and sports chiropractic organizations from all over the country.”

For more information about Life University’s Chiropractic Sport Science concentration within the Masters in Sport Health Science program, please contact Keith Rau, Associate Professor, at [email protected]; 770-426-2771.


About Life University

Founded in Marietta, Georgia in 1974, Life University is a health sciences institution most known for its chiropractic program, the largest in the world. Life University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to award four-year undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of health care, science, business and general studies fields, and also has programmatic accreditation through the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) and the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). The mission of Life University is to empower students with the education, skills and values necessary for career success and life fulfillment, based on a vitalistic philosophy.

KMC University Announces the Independent Study Program

kmcuDenver, Colorado – June 01, 2012 – Kathy Mills Chang, President and CEO of KMC University, announced today the launch of KMC University’s third subscription-based product, the KMC University Independent Study Program (ISP).

The Independent Study Program (ISP) provides unrestricted access to the KMC University curriculum for those self-implementing doctors that believe they don’t need coaching, but want the tools to implement KMC University’s systems. This program, catered to the budget-minded doctor, includes all training webinars, references and customizable policies, OIG Compliance manual set up, HIPAA policy and HIPAA forms, as well as complementary forms and self- guided digital training.

This new subscription-based product complements the existing KMC University subscription offerings, The PhD Program and The KMC Community College; the Independent Study Program will offer more than the Community College, will be delivered without the coaching component of the PhD Program, and at a cost of $329 per month.

kmcuips“We are thrilled to be able to accommodate those DIY doctors with all the components of the KMC University Curriculum. Although budget priced, this program has everything the PhD Program has to offer, except the coaching. The response during the trial phase was overwhelmingly positive, so we know we have hit the bull’s-eye with this program” said Kathy Mills Chang.

All KMC University subscription-based programs, including the ISP, are offered to doctors after completing an analysis of their particular set of needs. Doctors can begin this process by conducting a no-charge, Reimbursement Analysis Survey that can be taken at their website or by calling 1-888-659-8777

KMC University teaches Chiropractors the safe and legal way to make and keep more money with specialized training in reimbursement and compliance, to simplify Medicare, increase collections, bulletproof documentation, optimize coding, streamline billing, systematize patient finances, and ensure audit protection. KMC University’s products and services can effectively enhance the compliance and financial performance of Chiropractic offices, and take them to new levels of efficiency and profitability. To find out more, please visit

Ravens’ Chiropractor is Maryland Man of the Year for Fundraising Effort

Doug Miller raised more than $70,000 in 10 weeks for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

millerravenslg5A relentless 10-week fundraising campaign has led to Doug Miller being named 2012 Maryland Man of the Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The Catonsville resident raised more than $70,000 in that span through his Relentless for a Cure campaign.

The Baltimore Ravens team chiropractor’s fundraising efforts included hosting a Preakness Party, arranging a meet and greet with members of the Ravens and organizing a last-minute email, phone and letter writing blitz.

“It feels great now. You can relax,” said the Arbutus native. “It’s like a piano off your chest feeling.”

Miller was one of eight nominees for the award who were chosen by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society based on the amount of money they raised.

Each nominee had a final opportunity to raise money with an auction during a June 16 gala in Baltimore.

Miller said the event helped him raise an additional $9,000 thanks to bids on golf packages, a pair of boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali and football memorabilia.

millerdougdc5Though he missed his original goal of $100,000 set before the campaign started, Miller said he would continue to collect until he reached that goal.

In 2008, Miller was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The father of three underwent chemotherapy for a year and improved an already healthy lifestyle before going into remission in 2009.

If he remains cancer-free for two more years, doctors will consider him cured.

Miller gave much of the credit for his campaign’s success to his wife of 18 years, Trish.

“She was certainly the team leader. She was the coordinator,” Miller said the evening after being named Man of the Year. “It was a full-time job for her for 10 weeks. More than 10 weeks.”

Trish Miller said that though the type of cancer her husband had has a high survival rate, it also has a high rate of return.

“Treatments now are so much different than 10 years ago,” she said, noting that it will likely improve over the next 10 years as well. “The treatment will be that much better because of the part we played in funding some of the research.”

Taking a well-deserved trip to Bethany Beach with her children, Trish Miller said she still has one final task to complete their fundraising campaign.

“Now I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks writing thank you notes to everyone,” she said.,0,3951759.story

President James Winterstein to Retire in 2013 – Announcement at NUHS Homecoming


For Immediate Release
June 26, 2012
Contact: Tracy Litsey


Lombard – National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) President James F. Winterstein, DC, will retire from his position in 2013, according to an announcement made at the 2012 Homecoming event. Chair of the NUHS Board of Trustees, Mr. Tom Schonauer, made the announcement to alumni, faculty and staff on behalf of the board on Saturday, June 23, after the president’s annual “State of the University” address.winterstein web_PR

James F. Winterstein has been president of National University for 26 years, and part of its faculty for more than 40 years. In that time, he has cultivated National from a single purpose chiropractic college into a multi-program university that serves as a model for the future of integrative health care education. A champion of broad-scope primary care practice for chiropractic physicians, he has raised academic and curriculum standards for NUHS, which have in turn established precedents for the profession. Under his leadership, NUHS has broken barriers in research, accreditation, and scientific publications, and has forged new bridges between professions — in the end, earning greater respect for the chiropractic profession in mainstream health care.

“I had let the board know that I wished to retire several years ago. It was my intent that the board could then establish a smooth transition plan in the best interests of the university,” says President Winterstein, who will be turning 70 next April. The board formed its transition committee in April 2011, and has since voted to grant the title of President Emeritus to Dr. Winterstein upon his retirement. He will continue to serve as an employee of National University’s new president as long as his services are deemed necessary by his successor.

“Jim Winterstein has done an excellent job,” says Mr. Tom Schonauer on behalf of the NUHS Board of Trustees. “Overall, we believe the university has been very well managed under him: It’s financially solid, it has talented people, there is constant improvement and expansion of programs and facilities. If he weren’t in a position to retire, we’d have loved to have him stay on.”

In addition to his duties as President Emeritus, Dr. Winterstein and his wife Cynthia plan to move their primary residence to their farm in southern Illinois. In addition to tend


ing a large garden and diving into his many hobbies, Dr. Winterstein hopes to travel with his wife. “I’ve visited South Africa on several occasions, helping 

our colleagues set up a chiropractic education program, and really enjoyed the people and the country,” he says. “I’d like to 

visit again, as well as do more motorcycle touring with my wife, as that is something we both enjoy.”

Additionally, Mr. Schonauer announced that the board has selected its candidate for the next president of NUHS. Joseph Stiefel, DC, MS, (currently pursuing his Ed.D) will assume the presidency in an official inaugural ceremony during NUHS’ homecoming in June 2013. “The Board was well pleased with the direction the university has taken under Dr. Winterstein. As a consequence, we wanted to perpetuate this by choosing someone talented from within the organization to fulfill that goal,” says Mr. Schonauer.

Dr. Stiefel is currently dean of the College of Professional Studies for National University’s Florida campus, and has served on the NUHS faculty and in its administration since 2004. “The president and the board of trustees have worked very hard on a plan of transition that allows everything to continue as smoothly as possible for all of the many interests of the university,” says Dr. Stiefel. “It’s an honor to be asked to serve the institution, especially as an alumnus. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to work with Dr. Winterstein. I’ve been in the fortunate position of being able to work with and learn from someone who has been a president for 26 years. That in itself is a rare occurrence. I look forward to his continued involvement as President Emeritus as part of the long-term transition process.”

# # #

The Two Biggest Companies in The Chiropractic Industry Launch New Product




Contact: Mark Turner
Activator Methods International, Ltd.
2950 N. Seventh Street
Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85014


Activator Methods International and Foot Levelers Partner to Bring New Orthotic to Chiropractic Community


June 25th, 2012 (PHOENIX) – Activator® Methods International, developer of the only instrument adjusting technique and Activator Adjusting Instruments with clinical trials to support their efficacy, and Foot Levelers, the leading provider of individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics and other healthcare products, have recently partnered to bring the Activator Flex Orthotic to the chiropractic community.


“We are thrilled to be working with Foot Levelers on bringing the Activator Flex Orthotic to the market,” commented Dr. Fuhr, Co-Founder of ActivatorFuhr Greenawalt_PR.jpg Methods International and recent Chiropractic Delegate to the World Health Organization. “Having traveled the world in my efforts to help doctors improve patient care, I’m excited to have yet another tool in the arsenal to share with the tens of thousands of chiropractors in the Activator Methods’ family of practitioners.”


“Foot Levelers is excited to work with Activator Methods to incorporate Stabilizing Orthotics into the Activator technique,” said Dwayne Bennett, Foot Levelers’ President. “Our goal is to work together to continue the great tradition of supporting the adjustment.  This year we celebrate our 60th anniversary and Activator Methods celebrates their 45th year of service—this partnership reflects our combined105 years of support, service, and dedication to the chiropractic profession.”


The Activator Method worldwide is the most widely used low-force chiropractic technique in the world. With more than 45 years of empirical study and over 25 years of clinical research to support it, the Activator Method requires the use of the Activator Adjusting Instrument to deliver consistent, low-force, high-speed chiropractic adjustments.


Foot Levelers has been serving the chiropractic profession for 60 years and specialize in products that are designed to improve the quality of life.  From individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics, to custom foot wear and support pillows—Foot Levelers helps patients live pain free and healthy lifestyles.


“With millions of patients achieving postural support through Foot Levelers’ Stabilizing Orthotics, all of us at Activator Methods are honored to play our part in helping to bring the Activator Flex Orthotic to as many patients as possible,” added Dr. Fuhr.



About Activator Methods International, Ltd.


The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique®, developed 45 years ago by Phoenix-based Activator Methods International, has become the second most-widely used chiropractic technique, and is in use daily by 70 percent of all chiropractors. Today, the technique is taught in nearly every college in the United States and abroad, and in professional seminars throughout the year. Visit to learn more, sign up for seminars provided worldwide, or request the Activator Adjusting Instrument.



Doctors Trust Network Announces National TV Campaign

doctrustnetDoctors Trust Network of Indianapolis, Indiana and Dr Jay Greenstein of Washington D.C. take great pride in announcing the upcoming kickoff of a national cooperative television ad campaign for Doctors of Chiropractic nationwide. This campaign will help promote public awareness of the health and wellness benefits of Chiropractic as well as generate patient referrals for the Doctors of Chiropractic participating in the program. The principals of Doctors Trust Network have over 7 decades of combined experience in advertising and mass marketing, bringing their unique and creative approach to national TV advertising. Dr Greenstein is the professional consultant for the campaign and is forming an advisory board of prominent Doctors of Chiropractic nationwide.

Doctors Trust Network offers these Doctors the opportunity to reap the benefits of national TV advertising at a monthly cost of as little as $99 per month. The unique exclusive territory aspect of the Doctors Trust Network cooperative offers these Doctors the opportunity to enjoy the branding advantages of national TV exposure while acquiring new patient referrals in their local zip codes. The TV commercials are state of the art high definition spots featuring Dr Greenstein himself as the spokesman for the Network. They have been produced by Mercury Media of Boston, one of the largest and most effective agencies for direct response television advertising in the nation. The Doctors Trust Network is currently enrolling the first group of Doctors for the kickoff with national airing of these spots on major TV networks beginning during the 3rd quarter of this year.

The monthly investment for each Doctor of Chiropractic is based on the population of the area they wish to claim exclusive rights to. Once again, this monthly investment of as little as $99 per month makes this state of the art marketing approach affordable and available to most Doctors who meet the credential requirements for membership. Even more attractive to interested Doctors is the fact that Doctors Trust Network is now offering a Charter Membership with huge discounts and incentives that is only available until the national kickoff on or about September 1.

For complete information on the program, visit and follow the links. You can also email your name and contact information to [email protected] or call one of our Enrollment Specialists at 800.346.1646.