Doctors Trust Network Announces National TV Campaign


doctrustnetDoctors Trust Network of Indianapolis, Indiana and Dr Jay Greenstein of Washington D.C. take great pride in announcing the upcoming kickoff of a national cooperative television ad campaign for Doctors of Chiropractic nationwide. This campaign will help promote public awareness of the health and wellness benefits of Chiropractic as well as generate patient referrals for the Doctors of Chiropractic participating in the program. The principals of Doctors Trust Network have over 7 decades of combined experience in advertising and mass marketing, bringing their unique and creative approach to national TV advertising. Dr Greenstein is the professional consultant for the campaign and is forming an advisory board of prominent Doctors of Chiropractic nationwide.

Doctors Trust Network offers these Doctors the opportunity to reap the benefits of national TV advertising at a monthly cost of as little as $99 per month. The unique exclusive territory aspect of the Doctors Trust Network cooperative offers these Doctors the opportunity to enjoy the branding advantages of national TV exposure while acquiring new patient referrals in their local zip codes. The TV commercials are state of the art high definition spots featuring Dr Greenstein himself as the spokesman for the Network. They have been produced by Mercury Media of Boston, one of the largest and most effective agencies for direct response television advertising in the nation. The Doctors Trust Network is currently enrolling the first group of Doctors for the kickoff with national airing of these spots on major TV networks beginning during the 3rd quarter of this year.

The monthly investment for each Doctor of Chiropractic is based on the population of the area they wish to claim exclusive rights to. Once again, this monthly investment of as little as $99 per month makes this state of the art marketing approach affordable and available to most Doctors who meet the credential requirements for membership. Even more attractive to interested Doctors is the fact that Doctors Trust Network is now offering a Charter Membership with huge discounts and incentives that is only available until the national kickoff on or about September 1.

For complete information on the program, visit and follow the links. You can also email your name and contact information to [email protected] or call one of our Enrollment Specialists at 800.346.1646.

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