Stay Fit Seniors® Inc Has Contracted with Several Health Insurance Networks


stayfitseniorschiroStay Fit Seniors® Inc has contracted with several health insurance networks in the country. These contracts have resulted in Stay Fit Seniors Physical Activity Intervention Program (PAIP) being included as a paid benefit within these networks.

 Hundreds of insurance companies are contracted within these companies, driving their eligibles to location for use. Insurance companies sending people in for prevention has been unheard of until now, in our profession.

stayfitseniors1Chiropractic offices and other health care facilities are being considered by health insurance networks as prime destination points to deliver PAIPs to its members. This is a great opportunity for chiropractors to not only get paid to deliver wellness services but to also expose the non chiropractic public to chiropractic

The Stay Fit Seniors Physical Activity Intervention Program success formula integrates the activities of physical strength exercise, with mind and cardio movement exercise, and social interaction. As an all-in-one wellness physical activity program solution, the Senior Program addresses the primary preventive concerns of strength, cardiovascular, and cognitive decline while maintaining high rates of participation from social interaction.

There is an exciting new trend in Wellness and Prevention sweeping across the healthcare industry being demanded for by insurance companies, federal and state governments, the medical community, small and large businesses and the public at large. Unlike fitness exercise PAIPs are designed for wellness and prevention and approved by the American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM.

To learn how you can qualify as a host location in the Stay Fit Seniors Network, please contact Dr. Roger Russo at 1-800-385-1141 or email [email protected] .

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