Local Chiropractic Group launches SpineEffects, a Free Interactive Mobile App offering education on the importance of spinal health




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Local Chiropractic Group launches SpineEffects, a Free Interactive Mobile App offering education on the importance of spinal health

Oak Brook, IL , August 6th, 2012 –Chiro One Wellness Centers, one of the Nation’s fastest growing Chiropractic Groups with 75 offices in Chicagoland, Kentucky and Texas today announced the availability of a new educational mobile application designed for iPhone, IPod Touch, iPad and Android smart phones and tablets.

The application, SpineEffects, is an interactive way to discover the phenomenon of the central nervous system and the critical importance of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. With this app, you can view the relationship between the 24 vertebrae in the human spine and the nerves that emanate from them. SpineEffects gives your fingertips the power to touch each individual vertebrae then visually display what parts of the body the nerves that exit from it affects and common conditions and possible symptoms associated with misalignment in that specific vertebrae. It also allows its users instant access to Chiropractors in the area that can provide spinal health exams and corrective care if necessary.

It is intended to raise awareness of the importance of spinal health by educating the public on how subluxation (a misalignment of any of the vertebrae in the spine), may cause devastating health challenges if left uncorrected.

Key Features of the app include:

-24/7 Access to functions and effects of the spine by body part.

-Detailed information about how Vertebrae are connected to body parts/organs/functions.

-Common Conditions and Symptoms associated with misalignments of the spine.

-3D video explaining, “What is Chiropractic?”

-Instant access to Chiropractors in your area and the ability the book an appointment online and get driving directions from your Tablet or Smart Phone.

SpineEffects is the convenient and easy way to learn about your spine functions and effects on your mobile device –anytime, anywhere.

To mark the launch of SpineEffects, Chiro One Wellness Centers is hosting a special, “Download & Share Your SpineEffects” Facebook promotion from August 20th through August 31st, raffling an I-Pad and an Android Tablet for the most downloads and shares on their Facebook wall. For details and contest rules, visit http://www.ChiroOne.net/Events. To enter promotion, find Chiro one on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/ChiroOne.

“Chiro One Wellness Centers is committed to our Vision ‘that every human being discovers their full potential,’” states Chief Marketing Officer, Brett Penager. “We realize that most people have no idea of the correlation between the spine and nervous system and their health. The release of the SpineEffects app is one more way that we can further the education necessary to allow people to choose and experience extraordinary health and wellness through holistic, safe and effective Chiropractic Care without the potential harmful side effects of drugs or surgery.”

SpineEffects for IOS and Android is free and available for immediate download. To unlock the power of your spine, visit the app store on your mobile device or tablet or visit our website at: http://www.SpineEffects.com.

About Chiro One Wellness Centers
Chiro One Wellness Centers’ Vision is, “that every human being discovers their full potential.” Their Mission: Being leaders in developing extraordinary wellness for families and individuals by taking a stand for the well being of their communities through education and service. For more information, visit http://www.ChiroOne.net.


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