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Looking at running a chiropractic clinic from a different perspective, The American Chiropractor (TAC) presents different business models to inform you of what could be successful and how it should be applied.


Franchises and Group Models have become scorching hot markets recently, effective in providing turn key solutions to a practice start-up.

TAC found 3 companies willing to share their success stories with us about franchising or applying a group model of clinics in the chiropractic market. Read below about Health Source with 257 clinics, Chiro One Wellness Centers with 46 locations, and Allied Health Centers with 50 clinics under their umbrella.

HEALTHSOURCE CHIROPRACTIC™ AND PROGRESSIVE REHAB™ (Franchise Model) to founding what’s recognized today as the world’s largest chiropractic franchise, Chris Tomshack, D.C., built and owned four highly successful practices in Ohio, using his own model of systematization that took into account everything imaginable for day-to-day operations. When each practice became the largest in their respective markets after only their first year in operation, franchising became the next logical step, and the first franchise sold in April of 2006. Today, there are currently 257 franchises nationwide, and HealthSource ranked as the #1 franchise in the entire “Health Services” category.

Competitive advantage

HealthSource franchisees are so successful today because our model is based on asking ourselves what’s best for the patient. With that in mind, our franchises are provided with turnkey systems that teach doctors how to deliver superior care, how to efficiently manage their business, and also attract new patients. In short, HealthSource doctors learn how to completely systematize their own practices, allowing them more fun and more personal freedom. Our drive to succeed and grow is only matched by our willingness to bring each of our franchisees along for the successful ride.

Services the company offers

Simply put, chiropractors maintain 100 percent ownership of their clinics, and HealthSource provides the true business systems and principles that are designed to take away the marketing, insurance, and income hassles they currently face. But, most importantly, when you become a HealthSource franchise, you learn the right way to structure your practice to give you the freedom and autonomy you deserve. Too many chiropractors are chained to their practice, which is a direct result of building a “personality dependent” practice. We teach them how to do it the right way, because the demands of the “new economy” will only place more restraints on the chiropractor ill-prepared to practice in the next decade.

Support system

We utilize the Regional Developer concept that allows us to have a local-based Regional Developer team in basically all areas of the country. That means you’ll have someone actually come on site at your clinic to work with you and your team. Also, we have an extensive corporate team in place to handle anything and everything that you could possibly encounter while owning and running your chiropractic clinic. It’s a complete system covering all facets of operating in the “new economy.”

Advantages to franchise vs. an individual clinic

Prior to 2005, it really wasn’t necessary to systematize your practice; but, with healthcare reform invading chiropractic, it’s no longer an option not to. Without systematization, a clinic dwindles into a “personality dependant practice” where, the minute that doctor isn’t in the clinic, the income drops. And no matter how much money you make, if you’re chained to your practice, it’s just not worth it. The sheer nature of being a HealthSource franchise means we’re dedicated and committed to each franchise’s long-term success. And, although I’m prohibited by law to provide specific figures, Chiropractic Economics has unequivocally stated that a chiropractic franchise collects 17% more on average per visit. That being said, we don’t sell equipment to our doctors. There are no hidden add-ons, no secret fees, no expensive and shiny equipment, and no magic water. The central premise of our HealthSource franchise is to raise the bar for chiropractic, and to simply offer the very best care available in your area, so that patients get better faster and stay better longer. It’s entirely patient centric. HealthSource is based on what’s best for the patients, and how best to take care of them in 2010.

For more information, call 1-440-967-5458 or visit

CHIRO ONE WELLNESS CENTERS (Group Model Clinics) One Wellness Centers (COWC) is currently one of the largest chiropractic physicians groups in the country. Founded in 1992 and led by CEO Dr. Stuart Bernsen, one of our nation’s preeminent visionaries in the field of health and wellness and the 2007 International Chiropractor of the Year, COWC has experienced explosive growth in the last three years of over 135% with 46 locations in Chicago and Kentucky and plans to add 24 locations in 2010, including the addition of the Dallas, TX, market. With 2009 gross billings of $150 million, 500,000 patient visits and more than 400 employees, this privately owned corporation is poised for international expansion.

COWC offers a balanced approach to Patient-Centered Wellness Care. Services include corrective chiropractic care, physical therapy, customized orthotics through Foot Levelers, seminars/lectures on a variety of health topics, and an extensive Community Outreach Program.

Competitive advantage

The competitive advantage and foundation of COWC is their vision and mission.

Vision–That every human being discovers their full potential;

Mission–Leaders in developing extraordinary wellness for families and individuals by taking a stand for the well being of our communities through education and service.

As a result of this clearly defined purpose, it has created a dynamic and unified culture of leaders who want to be responsible for defining chiropractic on a global level and raise the bar for the entire profession.

Due to the comprehensive training programs, powerful marketing initiatives, structured procedures, protocols and systems, and the ability to own their own or multiple clinics, DC’s within the COWC model, in less than two years of practice as Clinic Directors, more than double the national averages of every measurable clinic statistic (according to Chiropractic Economics’ 2009 Salary and Expense Survey).

Services offered for chiropractors selected to work with Chiro One Wellness Centers as a candidate for Clinic Director, during your training period you will learn every aspect of running a successful chiropractic clinic from the mindset and philosophy necessary to stay focused and serve with purpose daily, to the front and back of the business and financial house.

Once you’ve completed and passed the rigorous training program, you’ll be set up in your own clinic and receive a base salary with bonuses tied directly to your performance as a DC. During your tenure, you will have the opportunity to buy ownership into your clinic.

Throughout this period, you’ll be provided instruction, guidance and support in every aspect of practice operation. This service is provided by an extensive administration that is managed by an accomplished Executive Team. This includes: human resources, marketing, clinic operations, finance, billing and collections, purchasing, staff recruitment and training, office procedures and protocols, maintenance, and personal development.

Advantages of a group vs. individual clinics

The advantages of a unified group of chiropractic wellness centers include strength in numbers, accountability, predictable proven results, and the ability to dominate a market by becoming the recognized brand name of chiropractic services to the public.

For more information on this group model, visit or call 1-630-468-1824.

Allied Health Chiropractic Centers (Group Model Clinics) Health Chiropractic Centers (AHCC) started as an organization in 1994. There were 16 original clinic/owners that started AHCC. Each clinic has contributed to AHCC, in exchange for ownership in the company. The company originally was organized around a board of directors made up of seven of the original owners. The primary impetus behind the formation of AHCC was to standardize and streamline the business side of chiropractic, giving the doctors more time to do what they are best suited and trained for, treating patients. Secondarily, in the 1990’s, managed care was hitting Wisconsin. An organization is much more suited in negotiating with managed care organizations than an individual. The original idea was a clinic without walls, similar to the medical model of a centralized management system, with satellite clinics. AHCC owns and manages 50 clinics.

Chiropractic through the years has had increased acceptance but, with this increased acceptance comes responsibility. From OSHA to HIPPA and many abbreviations in between, being in private business/practice has become very complicated. As an organization, we can offer competitive benefit packages to our employees; we can negotiate better vendor pricing, negotiating insurance contracts, as well as all service contracts. We do centralized bill pay, payroll, insurance billing and processing, credentialing, training and a suite of centralized business services.

Our primary goal has been to allow chiropractors to develop and improve their chiropractic skills, to spend as much time in patient care as possible, to become the best doctors they can while minimizing the many business distractions. The practice of chiropractic/medicine has become extremely complicated and regulated; keeping up can be a full-time job. And this is why AHCC was created.

For more information on this group model, visit or call 1-715-848-2526.

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