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Bioposturetm Names Meagan Newman Sales Director In Florida

Meagan Newman of Tampa, Florida, has been named sales director for BioPostureTM, the manufacturers of eco-friendly BioPosture BioMemoryFoamTM mattresses and pillows.  Ms. Newman will be interfacing with chiropractors to familiarize them with the advantages and health benefits of BioPostureTM products for their patients.  BioPostureTM mattresses are available to consumers exclusively through Doctors of Chiropractic who are members of the BioPostureTM Chiropractic Network in the United States and Canada.

 Ms. Newman is meeting with chiropractors who manage and treat patients with sleep issues as well as back and neck pain, headaches, sports and other injuries.  As members of Florida’s health-care delivery system, chiropractors are interested in introducing patients to products that support healthy living and restful sleep.

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King Bio SafeCare®RX Children’s Appetite & Weight Control™'shot-issue6.jpg

King Bio SafeCare®RX Children’s Appetite & Weight Control™ is the most complete appetite and weight correction for children available today, providing 21 homeopathic ingredients AND 7 flower essences, all made in 3 high potencies, equaling 90 total ingredients that address a broad spectrum of appetite and weight control symptoms. It treats aberrations of appetite, digestive disorders and GI tracts. It works on inherited or genetic causes for obesity, sluggish or slow metabolisms, and predisposition to obesity. For more product information, call King Bio at 866-298-2740 or email at [email protected] or visit our website at



Claire Ellen Products Introduces Neuroquell, a New Analgesic for Musculoskeletal Pain

Claire Ellen Products, a scientific bio-pharma research company that develops all natural, topical, pain-relief products using cutting-edge technology, introduces Neuroquell, a new analgesic for a variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

The roll-on product is used directly on the area of pain. It works by inhibiting pain signals at the nerve. It’s all natural ingredients have no known side-effects, it’s non-staining, not tested on animals and it works within seconds. Its unique formula was proven effective in relieving pain in an FDA guideline study. Nine years of field studies have substantiated the testing and its degree of pain relief.

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Foot Levelers Introduces a New Patient Catalog

Roanoke, VA–Foot Levelers, Inc., has released its 2010 Patient Catalog featuring the company’s latest advances in Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, Sandalthotics®, Shoethotics®, and cervical support pillows. This catalog is written for patients to read and it’s a great opportunity for you to share more information about Foot Levelers’ products. The Patient Catalog does not include pricing so patients will not see your cost.

The Patient Catalog features Foot Levelers’ newest product:

1. Naot sandals

2. Elite Energy options

3. CAOS: Custom Adjustable Orthotic Sandal

To order a pack of 25 Patient Catalogs, call Foot Levelers at 1-800-553-4860 or request one via e-mail at  [email protected].


ACOM Health Announces 48-Month, Interest-Free Purchase Plan for RAPID Chiropractic Software; All Qualify

ACOM Health has introduced a program under which it will directly finance purchases of its RAPID Chiropractic Software on a 48-month, interest-free payment agreement, it was announced today by Sam Mikhail, division vice president of sales.

“Doctors need this technology to streamline their clinical operations and office processes as well as to qualify for the government reimbursements under the 2009 ARRA Economic Stimulus Plan,” Mikhail said. “At the same time, financing through banks and leasing companies that many doctors have used in the past is increasingly hard to get, even for doctors with great credit. In some cases it has dried up altogether. While some have, in the past, opted to pay cash, this program will allow such doctors to preserve their capital and spread their investment over 48 affordable easy payments.

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 360 ORBITAL (Functional Rehab and Fitness Device)

A new technology, The Orbital 360, represents a shift from linear, vector-based rehab systems to a more functional form. It provides a constant, consistent, friction-based, adjustable, directionally responsive resistance technology through the 3 dimensional planes. It provides both linear and resistive rotational forces that engage the entire kinetic chain of the user. By design, this stimulates more of the specific neuromusculoskeletal patterns that the body moves through, naturally, as in daily activities or even sports-specific movements. For more information, contact Dr. David Lipman at 1-561-674-1217, e-mail [email protected], or visit


U.S. Chiropractic Directory Offers a New level of Access to the Chiropractic Profession, for the Public

The U.S. Chiropractic Directory and its founders, world leaders in chiropractic education and innovators’ in chiropractic and communication released to the public an aggressive strategy offering an unprecedented level of access to the chiropractic profession on January 1, 2010.

Since the announcement, the US Chiropractic Directory has become the #1 chiropractic entity on Facebook and Twitter leading the way for the future in bringing a positive chiropractic message daily to people worldwide.

In anticipation of an ever changing healthcare environment and breakthroughs in research, the U.S. Chiropractic Directory has made a commitment to only offer to the public peer reviewed or evidenced based research based articles in explaining the efficacy of chiropractic care. According to Dr. Mark Studin, the clinical advisor of the Us Chiropractic Directory, “No longer will rhetoric rule the day in explaining chiropractic. There is too much research in the scientific community giving evidence that what we do works and the public is entitled to that information.”

“We want to eradicate illness and ease suffering; therefore a patient needs to pick the best doctor for their condition, not someone who is simply the closest” adds Dr. Studin. We make it very easy for the public to get doctor’s credentials that will allow the patient to make the best choice for their specific problems; not all chiropractors are alike in training and experience. The public now has that choice.

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