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You find how to identify and resolve scoliosis much more effectively and thoroughly as well as  many other extreme health challenges! On the cover is Dr. Gary Deutchman and Dr. Marc Lamantia who have written a book called A Home Educators Guide to Scoliosis, which is a book that helps teach parents how to screen their children at home for Scoliosis and Kyphosis. Tracy’s daughter, Marlaina, age 17, can be found on pp. 24-26, where you can read about her first case study with Dr. Dennis Woggon at the St. Cloud Clear Institute! Dr. Woggon is constantly using new techniques and strategies to improve the curve in young and old spines. Sometimes, when not used correctly, chiropractic can actually be contraindicative when Chiropractors have the best of intentions. Othertimes, Scoliosis and all health challenges take a lot of continued care and oftentimes many different techniques used together are the best solution! For this reason, in the next issue, TAC will also have some candid pictures of our visit to NY to see Dr. Deutchman and Dr. Lamantia, at Scoliosis Systems, who will be fitting Marlaina with a SpineCor Brace to further improve and stabilize the curve in her back between visits to see Dr. Woggon. See the fun pictures below of Marlaina and Tracy’s trip below to MN to see Dr. Woggon, on our second visit and while there we stopped in on Core Products and got an unexpected adventure with Phil Mattison!!

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