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With the X-ray being the number one diagnostic tool utilized in (almost) every chiropractic clinic today, it seems appropriate that our cover story this month features a man who has expanded upon the static X-ray to bring your patient’s problems “to life” through the creation of his dynamic motion X-ray unit. Our cover story this issue features a good friend to all of us at The American Chiropractor and the chiropractic profession, Dr. John Postlethwaite, the founder of the Dynamic Motion X-ray (DMX) system. See our interview with “Dr. John” beginning on page 14, and find out how this technology can help your patients and your practice!

To find out more about the latest diagnostic tools available, you’ll find TAC’s Market Review on page 12, with the best and latest diagnostic and imaging tools in the chiropractic market! Then, to ensure that you’re using these diagnostic tools the right way, be sure to read Dr. Mark Studin’s article, “The Real Necessity for Diagnostics and Imaging,” in which he warns, “DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PATIENTS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CONCLUSIVE DIAGNOSIS.” Makes sense… unless you’re following the standards that some of the insurance companies are dictating …which, in some cases, are in direct opposition to many chiropractic state boards. Find out more on page 40, and let us know what you think!

Looking at Dr. Aaron Ford’s article on page 42, you’ll find that computerized digitization of plain film X-rays offers the opportunity that, as this technology develops, it soon may evolve into a new clinical procedure to avoid any negligence and to assure a more accurate diagnosis for every patient. Finally, in X-ray on page 34, Dr. Mark Payne gives some tips on “The Lateral Films—Objective and Reliable Evidence.”

As always there’s much more in this issue! In our Integrative Healthcare topic, I’m happy to see that two of our authors, Dr. Howard Loomis and Dr. Rodger Murphree, take on the pharmaceuticals (again)! Dr. Loomis asks (and answers) a very good question in his article, “Are Osteoporosis Drugs Safe?” Find out on page 22. And Dr. Murphree wonders in amazement as he discusses “The Insanity Continues—Statins for Children” in his article on page 26.

Read on and tell us what you think! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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