Diagnostic and Imaging Tools That Will Improve Your Practice

Diagnostic and Imaging Tools That Will Improve Your Practice


To find out more about the latest diagnostic tools available, here you’ll find TAC’s Market Review with the best and latest diagnostic and imaging tools available in the chiropractic market!


 Company Name: All Pro

Product Name: ScanX® Price

Range: Call for pricing

Product Description: ScanX® Computed Radiography systems provide premium quality digital images and incomparable ease-of-use. Using your existing X-ray equipment, ScanX utilizes Phosphor Plate Technology so there is little change to your existing radiographic techniques and procedures.

Contact Info: 516-214-5514




 Company Name: American Medical Sales

Product Name: PACS-IN-A-BOX Digital Viewing Solutions from AMS Price

Range: $13,000-$30,000

Product Description: For over 12 years these economical digital products (PACS) have been providing hundreds of facilities with reliable, flexible and scalable solutions.

Contact Info: 800-423-3535




 Company Name: Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

Product Name: Insight Discovery Price

Range: $6,000-$17,000

Product Description: Personal injury patients deserve the best documentation possible. The Insight Discovery provides the objective, tangible, mathematical evidence that attorneys need to establish a case. Only the Insight offers static and dynamic sEMG, thermal scans, algometry, inclinometry, and heart rate variability in one integrated package. The Insight has been accepted as evidence in courts of law and has been involved in some landmark victories.

Contact Info: 800-849-3664, ext. 184.


 Company Name: DMX Works

 Product Name: DMX Digital Motion X-ray Price

 Range: $1,850/mo.

 Product Description: Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) is a fluoro-based X-ray system, coupled with new digital and optic technology that allows clinicians to view the spine in real-time.

 Contact Info: 800-839-6757



 Company Name: Digital Spinal Diagnostics

 Product Name: DX Analyzer

 Price Range: $24,995

 Product Description: The DXAnalyzer© Professional X-Ray digitizing analysis system is user friendly and intuitive; the accuracy is unsurpassed. It has the highest yield return on your investment. Find out how you can acquire this technology.

 Contact Info: 888-926-2774




 Company Name: FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc

 Product Name: FCR XL-2 and FCR XC-2Price

 Range: Call for pricing

 Product description: Both systems provide all the advantages of digital x-ray – virtual elimination of repeat exams and lost films, lower storage and management costs, and more options to enhance images. Additionally, they offer Fujifilm’s renowned image quality and proven technology to optimize images for display.

 Contact info: 800-431-1850








 Company Name: HCMI

 Product Name: Bennett DCX Direct Digital Imaging

 Price Range: $55,000-$70,000

 Product Description: Bennett, the most trusted name in chiropractic radiography, offers affordable digital solutions that may be added to the system you already own or plan to purchase.

Contact Info: 800-641-4107








 Company Name: Imasight Inc.

 Product Name: ImaSight 4600

 Price Range: Call for pricing

 Product Description: Digital X-ray sensor designed with and for chiropractors. System delivers hospital-quality 16-megapixel, 16-bit, images and eliminates the magnification effect. Available in Canada only, pending FDA approval.

 Contact Info: 866-217-8183












 Company Name: MyoVision

Price: $10,490

Product Description: MyoVision provides Supreme Court validated objective data, not opinion. It’s perfect for PI cases. Owning a MyoVision is like having the world’s best law firm supporting you. Get Static, Dynamic, and ROM for your PI practice for $10,490 and ask about the free laptop.

Contact Info:1-800-969-6961.








 Company Name: OrthoScan Ltd.

Product Name: SpineScan

Price Range: $2500-$3000

Product Description: SpineScan is a radiation free, hand-held device that provides automated means for screening and follow-up of spinal deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis), postural disorders, and ranges of motion.

Contact Info: 866-741-4018


 Company Name: Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

Product Name: Progressive Diagnostic Imaging

Price Range: Less than $3

Product Description: The nation’s ONLY patented digitized spinal analysis using REAL Pictures. Receive a Pathology Report, Biomechanical Report and Digitized Analysis.

Contact Info: 866-715-6770








 Company Name: Quantum Medical Imaging

Product Name: QV-9000

Price Range: Call for pricing

Product Description: “The QV-9000 is a world-class direct digital imaging system designed to maximize patient comfort and provide a very high patient throughput for examination facilities.” Product Price: Visit us online for additional information: http://www.quantummedical.net/

Contact Info: 631-567-5800









Company Name: Universal/Del Medical z

Product Name: DCChoice

Price Range: Call for pricing

Product Description: The Universal DCChoice™ digital upright imaging system delivers superior quality digital images utilizing high quality monitors. Intuitive software allows for easy image manipulation and sharing.

Contact Info: 417-848-3058

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