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Find out how to help care for one of the biggest consumer markets with our special feature on “Taking Care of Baby Boomers.” Several of our authors this month provide you with information on how to attract, treat and position your practice to best help these patients who are most in need of your services. Our feature this issue begins on page 24 with Dr. Roger Russo’s article, “How to Attract Seniors,” in which he describes his own practice which very cost-effectively tailors its services to Baby Boomers. Next, in nutrition, Dr. John Maher provides “A SuperFood Solution?” on page 26, in which he offers some nutritional tips which may best appeal to your Baby Boomer patient base. And, on page 30, a new contributor for TAC, author Amy Sung, addresses a very important, yet rarely discussed topic in her article, “Prostate Problems? Hidden in More Ways than One.” Finally, our feature closes up with Dr. Brian Jensen’s article on page 36, “Supporting Baby Boomers,” in which he addresses the fact that, by the time your patients are age twenty, 80 percent have developed some type of problem “and, by age forty, nearly everyone has a foot condition of some sort!”

And, in other editorial features this month, prescription drugs are a great concern! While we all know the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs, it is very telling that not one, but three, of our regular columnists have articles this month which address some major concerns you need to know to protect your patients from this imminent danger. First, Dr. Dan Murphy addresses the alarming “Adverse Drug Rates Shocking!” in U.S. children’s hospitals in his article beginning on page 12, followed by Dr. Rodger Murphree’s article on page 16, “The Evolution of Mood Disorder Wonder Drugs,” in which he notes that “suicide occurs more than twice as much on antidepressants than on sugar pills in individuals under age twenty-five”. And, finally, to wrap up, Dr. Howard Loomis focuses on “Chiropractic and Prescription Drug Use” each month in his new column. This second installment in his series addresses “Fibromyalgia,” in his article on page 20, where you’ll find both the chiropractic method of treatment as well as information about the latest drugs (and their side effects) being used by medical doctors.

Also this issue, Dr. Eric Kaplan offers some very helpful tips on how to speak with your prospective patients in his article, “Anatomy of the Close.” Also, Dr. Jeffrey Slocum shares some wisdom and inspiration that he discovered—of all places—by watching American Idol and a recently released kid’s movie, Speed Racer. (Who said TV’s a vast wasteland?) Just goes to show that you can find wisdom and inspiration everywhere, if you just look. Find out more from Dr. Slocum in his article on page 48, “A Change is Gonna Come!”

As always, there’s much, much more! So read on and tell us what YOU think about this issue! Oh, we’re currently working on our 2009 editorial features, so I invite ALL of you to contact us and let us know any great features, investigative journalism, column topics, writers, news, etc., that you’d like us to include in upcoming issues of TAC to further help you, chiropractic, and your patients in 2009!


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