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It’s our annual College issue!

Every year we like to touch base with the chiropractic colleges as they hold the hefty weight of molding the future of our chiropractic profession through their students. This year, we asked each of them to give us a brief update on their latest developments along with their pass rates on the boards. See what they told us in their own words starting on page 8. And also, to find out more on the status of education in chiropractic, ACC’s Executive Director, David O’Bryon, tells us about their latest activities and objectives on page 18.

Our “Amazing Chiropractor” this month features Dr. Larry Wilkins, a 1973 Palmer graduate who’s a true testament to the ongoing value of continuing education. With over 34 years in practice and the recent successful implementation of decompression, Dr. Wilkins shows how you can continue to help improve the lives of even more patients with a practice dedicated to ongoing growth. Read Dr. Wilkins’ inspiring story beginning on page 26.

Among our columnists, Dr. Rodger Murphree tells about his history starting as a solo practitioner years ago and having his practice grow into a multi-specialty practice with DCs and MDs using nutrition and prescription medications together. See what he learned in his article “Greener Pastures” on page 40.

As always, every article deserves your attention, in particular you won’t want to miss an article we received from IRS Crime Specialists Kenneth Hines and Daniel Wardlaw, titled “Federal Income Tax Crimes—An Unnecessary Road to Sorrow,” on page 22. After seeing many chiropractors appear in our “yellow page” news over the years for problems with the IRS, we’re glad these agents took the time to address this issue. Let us know what you think! And finally, Mark Strobel’s article starting on page 34 addresses the dangerous impact a recent Federal mattress regulation may have on your and your patients’ health!

As always, there’s much more to read! Let us know what you think!

Keep up the great work!

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