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Handling the Insurance Crisis

 If you are currently in an Insurance based practice, you no doubt are taking financial hits every month. The question is, how much are you writing off every month, and what percentage of your office revenue is coming from 3rd Party payers.

By getting clarity on how the insurance industry impacts your bottom line, you then will have a better understanding of which direction you need to move your practice toward.

We have found that many of our colleagues want to go “ALL CASH,” but they are too afraid to make the move. We have discovered how you can transition toward Cash without having to yet go All Cash. If you will shift your focus from insurance games to growing your business Independent of Insurance, your practice will be well suited for the coming years. Check out what many are calling “The System,” www.DynamicPractices.com.




Wireless Range of Motion by Titronics

 The wireless Range of Motion device from Titronics is extremely accurate, thanks to the upper cervical glasses and the design of the handheld inclinometers. The glasses are designed to produce more accurate results when taking upper cervical tests. They replace the handheld inclinometer traditionally held on top of the patient’s head. The result is more accurate testing by removing any margin of error that may come from the doctor’s hand slipping. The handheld inclinometers are easy to hold and the reference unit is designed with the doctor in mind. There is enough space for the doctor to put their fingers through to grip onto the patient, rather than just holding the inclinometer on the patient. The graphs are extremely easy for the doctor and patient to read with engaging colors and a simplistic interface. It takes tests extremely fast, thanks to its doctor friendly controls and software. For more information, call 1-319-545-7377.



Future Health Inc. and JTECH Medical™ Form Alliance

 The increase of electronic health records has driven the need for companies to combine their efforts to optimize patient’s overall health and wellness; an example of this is a recent alliance between Future Health Inc., an integrated office management company, and JTECH Medical™, which produces computerized wireless functional testing systems.

 The integration between Future Health, Inc., and JTECH Medical allows all patient documentation and reports to be stored in Future Health’s TRUE electronic health record (EHR) rather than in a system computer for different biomedical devices. The information is stored on the JTECH system but also in Future Health’s patient EHR. The test reports can be attached to any daily note and, inside the note, the Future Health system will automatically reference that there was a JTECH test performed that day. This convenience makes it easy to retrieve records from any computer on the doctor’s network within a matter of seconds; and it will help provide medical necessity and demonstrate progress in clinical documentation

This alliance between JTECH Medical and Future Health, Inc., creates easier office flow, improved patient understanding, greater efficiency and, ultimately, results in a better managed practice.

For more information or to schedule a product demonstration incorporating the Future Health-JTECH interface, call 1-800-348-7657.



Educate Your Patients with
Foot Levelers’ PSI Cards

 Postural Stability Indicator™ (PSI) Cards do the talking for you! PSI Cards allow your patients to clearly see their excessive pronation and foot imbalances. These cards use the Navicular Drop Test to quickly measure and document imbalances. PSI Cards are free and easy to use. They are a great way to show your patients visual proof of their need for Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers.

Foot Levelers can provide your patients with the comfort, support, and protection their bodies need with Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers. They are the only orthotics designed to support all three arches of the foot. By balancing the arches of the foot, Stabilizers align the ankles, knees, and pelvis to provide a balanced foundation for the spine to rest on. Along with chiropractic adjustments, Stabilizers will help improve your patients’ overall structural alignment and posture. Stabilizers also help hold chiropractic adjustments longer, providing more long-term relief and correction of spinal distortions.

To get your free PSI Cards, call us today at 1-800-553-4860 (USA) or 1-800-344-4860 (CAN). For more information about PSI Cards or any of Foot Levelers’ products, visit www.footlevelers.com.



Pain Relief without Burning Heat or Cold

 Kool’N Fit is the only Original Pain Relieving Spray, with 15 essential, all natural oils, paraben and chemical free. Kool’N Fit is the ideal product for the busy chiropractor to enhance and compliment his treatments without the need to rub. It can be used to achieve smooth cervical adjustments, to increase the lasting effects of ultrasound treatments and to prolong the relaxing and warming results of TENS, as well as the intensity in your Hot and Cold Therapy. Using Kool’N Fit Pain Management will allow you to assist and help your patients without the irritating feeling of burning heat and/or cold. They will thank you for providing excellent, acute and palliative care. When treating your patients, “prescribe” Kool’N Fit, developed by a pharmacist with doctors and patients in mind. For more information and samples, call 1-800-852-5665, Kool Fit America, Inc., San Diego, CA 92192.


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