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It’s our annual Nutrition issue! Chances are likely that you are already including some form of nutritional advice and even supplementation in your practice to help your patients achieve and maintain optimal health. To assist you, this issue we bring you a compilation of some of the newest and most popular supplements on the market in our special product feature on pages 10 to 18.

And, two of our most popular nutrition authors and experts both address the use of prescription drugs separately in each of their articles. Dr. Howard Loomis Jr. discusses how your patients’ use of prescription drugs may be affecting your clinical findings and even perpetuating their structural problems, beginning on page 26; and Dr. Rodger Murphree poses the question “Is Lyrica the ‘Magic Bullet’ for Fibromylgia?” on page 36. With the overwhelming use and influence of the pharmaceutical industry’s latest “solutions” for these increasingly common health challenges, be sure to arm yourself with the healthier tips and suggestions recommended by these authors.

Next in nutrition, you’ll find articles such as Dr. John Maher’s on “Flaxseed for Heart Healthy Nutrition” on page 20, and Dr. Richard Drucker’s piece on fulvic acid, “The Gift of Naturally Prolonged, Healthy and Sustained Life,” on page 22. Then, on page 34, Dr. Lynn Toohey offers great insight in her article about “Our Toxic Water and Nutritional Help.” Finally, Dr. Lori Puskar shares her experience practicing as a chiropractor and gradually transforming her practice to a highly focused nutrition practice in her article on page 30, “Caring for the Supermom.” Of course, as in all issues of TAC, there’s all this and much, much more for you to explore inside!

Oh, and on a personal note, I almost forgot to mention for those of you who have noticed my absence and sparse appearance in our memo’s over the past few months…it’s been about nine months, to be exact. I didn’t want you to think that I was going anywhere, but I also didn’t want to jinx anything by “letting the cat out of the bag” too soon! I’ve been around here busily working behind the scenes in preparation for our newest staff member (in this family business) who, I’m very happy to finally announce to you…. My son, Christian Alexander Touzard, was born on March 24th! So, you can expect to hear more from me again in our upcoming issues!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Keep up the great work!

For Chiropractic,

Executive Editor / [email protected]

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