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  Nutrition Response TestingSM


WELCOME TO NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTINGSM—This 3-DVD set walks you through Nutrition Response Testing step-by-step, allowing you to easily and effectively implement the process for a complete analysis.

This DVD set covers:

• How to identify core health issues and their causes

• How to crack “tough cases” at the root of the problem

• The five hidden barriers to healing—how to find and handle them

• How to prioritize treatment and improve patient compliance

Studying and applying these DVD’s will allow you to get better clinical results. This set is a MUST HAVE for the new practitioner.

Call for more information: Toll Free 1-866-418-4801.



 A blood pressure supplement your

patients will thank you for!



Millions of Americans have high blood pressure which clinical studies show can be effectively treated with natural therapies. (American Family Physician, Sept 2003) Factor Fifteen: Systol-D has a synergistic combination of ingredients shown to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increase blood flow, and protect arteries against plaque build-up. Systol-D also contains 18% forskolin extract shown to relax and dilate blood vessels without thinning the blood.

A Research Report booklet and patient education brochure accompanies this product which documents the efficacy of ingredients and provides the latest holistic recommendations on promoting coronary health and preventing heart disease. Factor Fifteen: Systol-D is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wholesale to the profession is $12.75 for a-one month supply of 60 capsules. For complete information, call Titan Laboratories toll free at 1-800-929-0945 or visit www.titanlabs.com.


 Matrix Repatterning to Be Studied

by Harvard Researcher



Matrix Repatterning is a major breakthrough in the field of physical and sports medicine. It is a clinically-proven system that is now the subject of an extensive research project in conjunction with a Harvard University researcher. It is currently in use around the world to treat a wide range of conditions including sports and motor vehicle injuries, cardiac dysfunction, GERD, snoring 7 apnea, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, head injuries, frozen shoulder and ankylosing spondylitis. Matrix Repatterning has also gained a reputation for resolving many potentially career-ending athletic injuries.

“Matrix Repatterning has helped me recover from many sports injuries over the years. These treatments have helped me stay competitive and in top form,” says Olympic snow-boarder, Kate Foster.

Practitioners throughout the world, who have studied and applied these principles, are finding remarkable success in relieving many acute and chronic conditions.

To find out more, contact the Matrix Repatterning Center Web site www.matrixrepatterning.com, Email [email protected], phone 1-905-726-8770, or call toll-free 1-877-905-7684.


 The Original Body Stick and

The Travel Stick



Developed to aid healthcare professionals in the deep manipulation of soft tissues, The Original Body Stick and The Travel Stick allow users to self-perform treatment of muscle pain and trigger points. Ideal for use all over the body, the Stick can be used to improve strength, flexibility and endurance, prevent muscle injuries, accelerate recovery, and disperse the effects of lactic acid. Choose the 24″ Original Body Stick or the 17″ Travel Stick, which fits easily in luggage.

For more information or a free catalog visit us at www.optp.com or call 1-800-367-7393.



 Sled Dawg Elite


The SLED DAWG ELITE has added push handles to allow for powerful hip and leg drive. Its multi-point harness attachment allows for even load distribution during pulling, while rear handles are great for pushing. Designed of heavy duty 11-gauge steel and welded construction to create an extra strong frame. Plate mount allows for standard or Olympic Plate use. In the ‘08 Perform Better catalog. Call 1-800-7464 for your copy or visit, www.performbetter.com.



 JMS Plastics Introduces

J-Foam Air High Rebound EVA



JMS Plastics Supply, Inc., has introduced yet another high quality and cost effective top covering material. J-Foam Air High Rebound EVA is the perfect top cover for orthotics. It can also be used as a middle layer for many foot orthoses. This innovative product is heat moldable and more cost effective than other competitive materials.

J-Foam Air High Rebound EVA rebounds to 95% of its original thickness with a high degree of shock absorbency and a closed cell structure. Clients love its durability and wash-ability. It also repels moisture, which is vitally important to eliminating bacterial growth.

J-Foam Air High Rebound EVA is available in four thicknesses and colors.

Call JMS Plastics at 1-800-342-2602 for your free samples to test this innovative new material today! Sheets of all colors and thicknesses are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Further details can be obtained at www.jmsplastics.com.


 99% of doctors agree that Omega-3
is essential for their patients


In a recent survey of randomly selected doctors, 99% responded that they believe the consumption of fish oil supplements has been shown to reduce mortality in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD).

There is an overriding factor and that is confusion regarding what source of Omega 3 is the right choice. The doctor can and should play an important roll in the decision making process.

That’s why 3 Care Therapeutics, partnering with Napro Pharma of Norway, has made that choice simple for doctors by developing a new line of Omega 3 fish oils and nutraceutical formulas. All 3 Care Omega-3 formulas are third-party tested to insure purity and free of heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, molds and microorganisms.

3 Care products are pharmaceutical grade, great tasting and at the best price available in the professional market. For a brochure and a free one-month supply call 1-888-EPADHA1 (1-888-372-3421) or visit omega3care.com.




 How do you figure out which software is right for your practice?


Good question. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, EON Systems, makers of The Practice Solution™ and Documentor, is doing free, public service webinars to help you answer that question. “How to Evaluate Software for Your Practice” provides practical common sense answers to a worrisome problem for most practitioners.

The free webinar instructs participants in how to choose software the right way, how NOT to choose software, five very costly mistakes in choosing software and ten things a practitioner should know about software for his or her practice.

“We feel an educated buyer makes the best client,” says Derek Greenwood, the CEO of EON Systems.

The webinar is about 45 minutes long and takes place on various days and times to accommodate busy schedules. Visit www.eonsystems.net for information on the schedule and how to register.



 New, Non-IV Professional Strength,

EDTA Heavy Metal Detox



Kelatox announces the introduction of a professional strength 1200 mg EDTA suppository product, designed specifically for health care professionals wanting to treat patients to rid heavy metals, without the need for IV chelation.

Kelatox® is a rectal, time-released suppository that binds and removes harmful heavy metals from your body. Kelatox® uses Calcium Disodium EDTA in a Cocoa Butter base with methocel E4M premium USP for a time-release effect. Each suppository will dissolve through body heat and gradually spread over the lining of the colon and be absorbed directly into the blood stream in approximately 90-120 minutes.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended EDTA chelation therapy for lead poisoning and other toxic heavy metal conditions for decades, and EDTA chelation is widely accepted as the best form of treatment for such conditions.

For more information on Hormonal Health, LLC, call 1-877-723-4239, 1-949-705-6684 or visit www.kelatoxpro.com.

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