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In this challenging time of our economy, it is of the utmost importance for all of us in theMemo chiropractic field to ensure that we are as educated and compliant as we can be to better the profession as a whole. For this reason, we have dedicated our March issue to this idea.Jaclyn and I grew in our understanding from our recent visit to the Homecoming at Northwestern Health Sciences University to learn more about what the incoming Tri I students require vs. the more experienced chiropractors coming back to renew their foundation! See the pictures below and on pages 50 and 52 of wonderful happenings and some of the people who celebrated this event with us!Turn to page 24 to read our feature interview with Jeff Fedorko, DC, the president of COCSA and then on pages 28 and 30, you can read about the perceptions of each of the chiropractic colleges and how they are thriving in spite of the down economy!

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Tracy Busch Pate, BA

Managing Edito

Jaclyn Busch Touzard, BA

Executive Editor

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Northwestern Health sciences university 2009 homecoming

Wearing red hats in honor of the late Bill Harris, DC, a long time benefactor of NW, who passed away in Nov. 2008, Mark Zeigler, DC , President of NW, delivered a speech thanking donors for reaching their goal of over $23 million, and cut the ribbon to dedicate the newly completed Wolfe-Harris Center for Excellence.


Dr. Charles Sawyer, NWHSU Senior VP, Dr. David Stussy, Ms. Shelley Cygan, Integrity Mgmt, Dr. Lee Hudson, NWHSU Board of Trustees, Dr. Mark Zeigler, President of NWHSU, Dr. Dana Mackison, Performance Health/BioFreeze/Theraband, Mr. Kent Greenawalt, President, Foot Levelers, Inc., Mr. Charles DuBois, President, Standard Process, Inc., Dr. Vivi-Ann Fischer, NWHSU Board of Trustees, Dr. David Foti, NWHSU Board of Trustees, Mr. James McDonald, NWHSU VP Administrative Services & CFO,(not pictured, Mr. Marshall Dahneke, President, Performance Health/BioFreeze/Theraband)


NWHSU President Mark Zeigler shows a warm welcome to  Tracy and Jaclyn at the start of the  Homecoming Banquet Friday night Brady Forseth, NWHSU Chief Development Officer, greets Tracy and Jaclyn at the Homecoming Banquet.

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