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yellowpagesforumRe: Vol 33, Issue 1

To the Editor:

The American Chiropractor only told one side of the story in its January 2011 issue, when it republished misleading information from the Danville Express in its “Chiropractic Around the World” section.

Contrary to the claims being made by the Alameda County District Attorney, I am not a practicing Chiropractor and never marketed DRX9000 or any other decompression system directly to patients.  I did not develop, manufacture or sell the DRX9000, nor did I create the product advertising claims.

Like many others in our field, I relied on statements from Axiom Worldwide in recommending the DRX9000 to doctors who purchased the product directly from the manufacturer.  I was unaware that some of the information and claims I received from the manufacturer were erroneous and misleading.  My products and services have not contained the manufacturer’s claims since 2006.

:dropcap_open:I intend to vigorously fight these charges to attempt to intimidate Doctors of Chiropractic away from the use of spinal decompression.:quoteleft_close:

My company, The Practice Building Alliance, continues to create high quality patient education material, which have been praised by doctors across the country, including Dr. Michael Roizen, the chief wellness director of the Cleveland Clinic.

I have cooperated fully with the District Attorney, and am disappointed her office has chosen to pursue this misguided, non-criminal civil lawsuit.  The public’s interest would be best served by focusing on Axiom Worldwide, the manufacturer who knowingly created the misleading claims.

In defense of doctor’s right to use this technology, I intend to vigorously fight these charges to attempt to intimidate Doctors of Chiropractic away from the use of spinal decompression.  The fact of the matter is that spinal decompression is extremely safe and continues to help countless back pain sufferers.

I would hope The American Chiropractor would seek to balance its news coverage by providing both sides of an issue in the future.



Ben Altadonnna

 “The Practice Building AllianceTM

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