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Joseph P Busch

Joseph P BuschCreating the appropriate vision in the patient is a necessary component of any successful chiropractic practice. It provides the inspiration that carries the patient through care, whether it be a practice treating back pain and headaches, or one that focuses more on wellness, and the long term well-being of the patient. This issue, the feature topic is Family Practice. The doctor who chooses this type of clinic must not only be a skilled adjuster, but also knowledgeable on complex issues relating to pediatric patients, as well as geriatrics; when to refer, and when to accept for care.

A master at creating the long term vision needed in a family practice is Dr. Eric Plasker who has written several books on the topic of longevity, in which he details his vision for lifetime care. In his recent best seller, aptly titled The 100 Year Lifestyle, Dr. Plasker conveys that it will not be long before the average life expectancy will be 100 years old, with many more living to 120! Imagine that! It’s already happening for many centenarians who are sideswiped by a longevity that they never even planned for! So Dr. Plasker has created a lifestyle to help add more life to your patients’ years to help make sure that they’ll be walking around, pain free, when they’re 80, 90, and even 100. Take a look at his interview beginning on page 28.

Director DeskAlso, in this issue, former editor, of none other than The American Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Jaskoviak, presents a compelling pediatric case study for the benefits realized in a patient using the Contact Reflex Analysis technique; see page 22. And, the always popular market review, profiling products specific to a family practice clinic, is on page 34. You’re sure to find a gem. This issue is absolutely packed with great information!

On another note, with regard to the current and future state of the profession in mind, I would like to comment on the topic of National Healthcare policy. It’s important to maintain composure when debating the role of the chiropractor in what can only be termed “the machine” of Nationalized Healthcare. Obama promised change and, boy, is it coming! Let’s be sure to throw all of our support behind the associations, and really come together to represent the entire profession. This is the time for chiropractic as a whole to grow, and rise to the challenge. As you flip through the following pages, and read about some of the phenomenal, life changing events happening to people who were completely written off, such as what Dr. Bobby Doscher has witnessed at the Oklahaven Clinic on page 24, or the relationship between the vertebral subluxation complex and infertility in women, that Dr. Stone writes of on page 48, these experiences absolutely have to move you. Just take the next step; let’s get out there and lobby!

Keep up the great work, and let us know how you’re adapting to the changes in your area if you get a chance. Thanks!

On behalf of The American Chiropractor Magazine,


Joseph Busch, B.A., D.C.

Editorial Director / [email protected]

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