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Washington, D.C.: As you know, political action is based on money and power, and if we as chiropractors want to be considered for all the opportunities we hope for under the new administration, we must consolidate our message and develop methods of harnessing the massive impact of chiropractic patients, voicing their support for inclusion and expansion of covered services in all national health care reform. The people clearly want it, but without a way to demonstrate the support, chiropractic may suffer the consequences.

One way to mobilize the political power of chiropractic is to compile an effective email list, with addresses of doctors and patients, so any legislative efforts can be coordinated quickly and inexpensively. In order for this to work, doctors must be willing to collect email addresses of patients and concerned citizens, and pool them to amplify the effect.

If each chiropractor provides 250 names, and we could get 4000 DCs to participate, that would be 1,000,000 emails letting the legislators know the viewpoint of chiropractors and their patients. Obviously, more addresses and more chiropractors would create an even greater outcome.

With the impending changes in national health care, it is essential that chiropractors be willing to act on their patients’ behalf. Simply go to or for information about how you and your patients can stand up and be counted for chiropractic. Patients can sign up directly on those websites, and will only be contacted for legislative reasons, with simple directions on how their voices, as concerned chiropractic patients, can be heard.

If you want to recruit patients to participate, here is a simple idea for encouraging them to declare themselves as chiropractic supporters. After the visit, say something like this:

“(Patient’s name), one more thing before you go — our national associations are compiling a list of citizens who want to have their voices heard in regard to national health care. President Obama wants to make changes and we all know what happens when we don’t get involved. If you want to be sure that chiropractic patients are included and your rights protected, please give me your name, address and e-mail and my staff will take care of it for you. About once a month, you may receive an update on what is going on with health care. If there is a time when you will need to get in touch with your legislator, you will receive an e-mail with a link to his or her website. Then you can send a personal message to request he or she votes to support your access to appropriate chiropractic care. We must send our message to Congress. This is really important for all chiropractic patients, so thanks for your help.”

Please step up for our beloved profession, and for the people you serve – it costs nothing, but it will surely pay.

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Atlanta Chiropractor Teams with CDC, Former Surgeon General on Making America Healthy

GEORGIA: Buckhead Wellness Center chiropractor, Timothy P. Kelly, DC, joined former Surgeon General, David Satcher, MD, PhD, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Casey Chosewood, MD, to discuss ways to improve America’s health. Recommendations included educating consumers on the importance of including foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids to their diets, foods such as fish, lean meats, vegetables and fruit which can reduce stress, inflammation and illness. According to Dr. Kelly, the top three products sold at drug stores are pain killers, digestive aids and allergy relief medicines—all of which indicate inflammations. Kelly has shown that inflammations, such as pain, indigestion and allergies, can be reduced by eating the right foods, in the right way.

Dr. Timothy P. Kelly graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta. He has been practicing in Atlanta for more than 20 years and is dedicated to promoting the power of individuals to heal themselves through daily practices that promote lifelong balance and vitality. He holds passionate beliefs that modern epidemics of cancer, depression, dyslexia and other major health issues can be best helped through a cooperative approach. For more information, visit DekalbLeadershiprls

Pass on the information to inform other D.C.’s about events that are really happening to chiropractors. When you see an article in your local, regional, or national newspaper about chiropractic or a fellow chiropractor, fax, e-mail or mail it to us at TAC. For further information, fax 1-305-716-9212 or see page 4 for our mailing address.

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