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C1r1_TAC_Vol33No6_276xThat’s right, it’s summer time, my favorite time of the year.  We’re bringing a very special interview of a chiropractor who has reached the absolute top of his sport, with Terry Schroeder, D.C.  This man has lived an extraordinary life, from competing in the Olympics, to coaching the Olympics, and winning medals while doing it!  Turn to page 18 to read this inspiring journey, the son of a chiropractor, to practice owner, to coach, the profile of a true leader!

Continuing with the summer theme, you or some of your patients may be noticing that last years swimsuit doesn’t quite fit as well as it used to.  It’s no secret that the waistline of the U.S.A. is expanding faster than you can say debt reduction, and with that in mind, just glance to the right, to learn what all we have in store for you.  These authors are providing, just for you, tremendous guidance on the issue of weight reduction, new approaches, and some even bringing back old philosophies that just need to be enacted into daily life to yield success.

These topics and more, to expand your consciousness, and reinvigorate your day!  Please, if you see something that you think should be commented on, go to the website at, leave the comment, and see what others think about your position.

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